White Gothic Biohazard Logo Trousers


There is never any need to wear all black at every moment, no matter what subculture you count yourself a member of. These white biohazard baggy trousers are a great addition to a wardrobe that is crying for something different.

Product Description:

Go anywhere with goths, and you will see there tends to be a uniform. And I’m not just talking about the military style of uniform. Instead, you will see people wearing mostly black. That good old cliche of the gothic world. No matter what the weather, it seems that goths truly don’t melt, but instead they simmer.

So, what can you do as a counterpoint for this counter-culture? Where white of course.

These radioactive trousers are made of 100% cotton for ultimate comfort. The fall out of this? You get to look stunning while dancing in absolute comfort.

These trousers are an absolute dream to dance in. The moment any meltdown in music happens, and you start dancing energetically, you will discover (or remember) why baggy clothing are some of the best items to dance in. The increased enrichment of movement, as well as the feeling of the clothing against your skin.

Of course, even with baggy trousers, you might not want the legs to go all the way to the ground. After all, what could be a bigger biohazard for your dancing than tripping over your own clothing? That’s why these trousers also including the ability to adjust the bottom, to ensure that you can get them to the length that you want.

And one of the advantages of these kind of trousers? Pockets. Lots of them. With six pockets, no matter what you bring out with you, there will be enough room for everything.

Create an nuclear explosion with these trousers by buying them today.

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