White Gothic Corset – Leather – Steel Boned


For when wearing all black gets too much. This amazing white gothic corset is perfect with a black accompaniment on your arms or legs, or as part of an amazing cybergoth outfit. This real leather corset is sure to become a main stay in your going out outfits.

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Product Description:

For when you are tired of all white clothing, yet still want the gothic look. This amazing, true leather white corset is a great item to add o your wardrobe, and looks great with a splash of black or any other colour.

One of the key features of this one is the detail that is placed around the breast area, with a row of studs (that are also repeated at the bottom of the corset), allowing you to frame your breasts in just the right way. Pair with an amazing bra, or an amazing top at the front, and you have a killer assemble that is sure to stop hearts.

If you are concerned about showing off the skin at your back, this corset does also include a modesty panel, allowing you to cover up where the true corset lacing goes.

Although this is an item that is made out of true leather, this white corset does also include a 100% cotton lining, meaning that it is as comfortable to wear as it is sexy.

Like all the best corsets, this one features real steel spiral boning, meaning that not only does it keep it’s shape time after time again, it helps shape your body into the classic hourglass figure.

Of course, this corset includes a full metal busk, making the corset easy to remove. Additionally, a row of four buckles on the front gives this corset even more personality. Wear this to any event, and you will be noticed for all of the right reasons.

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