Women’s Gothic Trousers Skinny Jeans With Corset Side Laces


Show your gothic tendencies on all of your sides, not just your back. These jean trousers have a line of corset style stitching down the sides of them for the ultimate in subversive fashion.

Product Description:

Skinny Jeans are back in fashion. Well, that is, if they were even out of fashion in the first place. This particular pair, from the “Banned” company, puts a gothic twist onto the whole style.

The knock out feature, of course, is the corset style stitching in the side. This transforms these trousers into something particularly amazing, and into an outfit you will find reason to wear time and time after again. Although some other gothic jeans may try to emulate the gothic corset style on the sides of them, many of them miss out on the most important part; the dangling ribbons. These particular trousers keep this part intact, creating an effect that sets these apart out from the rest.

The side of these jeans feature a corset style stitching that makes full use of the long length of these trousers. With a fourteen eyelet length style corset stitching, these jeans are most certainly ready for any kind of environment that comes at them, from the goth club to every day wear.

Made out of a 97% cotton and 3& spandex material, these skinny jeans give just the right amount of stretch while being perfectly form fitting, and yet still comfortable and soft to wear.

With all of these details on the sides, the Banned company have wisely elected to keep the front of these jeans plain, allowing the sides to take full effect. You are able to go out wearing these jeans in full confidence that they are showing you in just the way you want to be shown. Full of confidence and spunk.

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