Women’s Wetlook Corset Dress – Vinyl, Lace Up


Get Hot. Get Sexy. Get Beautiful. This amazing wet look style long corset dress, from the Charmian company, will add fire and seduction to whatever event you wear it at. Get the new, ultimate item in your wardrobe here.

Product Description:

Is there anything better than a wet look item of clothing? An amazingly sexy material. Shiny. The large hint of fetish and BSDM. The power in wearing such an item. The way a tight piece fitting of clothing hugs all of your curves naturally and in just the right place. The feel of confidence and dominance that you get when you put on such an item?

This Wetlook top from the Charmian company is one amazing outfits. Charmian are gaining a reputation as creating great items of clothing while still being affordable. This is yet another one of their high quality items.

One of the great little touches with this particular Charmian item is the corset style part of the front. The Corset area of this dress uses the standard brocade enclosure that you’d expect, but the front slit of the skirt has that absolutely lovely corset lacing attached to it. This is unusual to see, but works so well with the wet look appearance. The fact that the skirt even has a front slit in the first place adds that sexiness of exposing just a little bit of skin. Of hinting of what aways down there, with the corset string being a symbol of the dominance that you will have and feel when you put this on.

On the back of this Vinyl Wet Look Gothic Dress you have the lace-up corset style, allowing you to tighten and fit the dress to your specification, allowing you to get just the shape and curves that you want.

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