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Welcome to Wake Up Goth. Here you will a bunch of news and information about the scene, as well as a great little online shop. With articles on fashion, music, lifestyle, humour, and everything in between, we have something for everyone. Pull up a chair, brew a cup of tea, and stay a while.

The Body Modification Goth

More Metal than Slayer

The Victorian Goth

For goths who know how to have a good old fashioned time.

The Cyber Goth

The Neon Demons of Goth

The Pastel Goth

Goth by way of crayon

The Baby Bat

Take flight, young goth!

The Happy Goth

When doom and gloom becomes smiles and sunshine.

Dying clothing black for the gothic look

Including your interview shirt!

Review of Super Schwarzes Mannheim

It's Super, It's Schwarzes, and it's in Mannheim

Goth Makeup For Guys – How To

Raid a woman's makeup cabinet tonight!

On Being an Older Goth

The elder goth awakes!