4 Crossover Goth Bands

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There are many bands that most “ordinary” people list to that can also be described as gothic. These are the perfect kinds of bands to put on when you are having visitors around and you aren’t sure what everyone listens to (although, honestly, my preference here is still very much for the Foo Fighters).

And of course, it is always interesting to go back and listen to some of these bands if you heard them when you were younger to see how your music tastes have probably evolved from these humble beginnings.

So, enjoy this list of gothic bands that almost everyone likes.

The Cure

There are many people you have heard of The Cure in one way or another. It’s not just people in the goth scene. Just start singing “Lovesong” in any place, and watch how many people join in with you.

Or just take Friday I’m in Love. What office worker hasn’t put on this track on a Friday when they are looking forward towards the weekend? Or have found themselves screaming and singing along to The Lovecats when it comes on television?

I don’t think you will be able to find anyone who can honestly say no to any of these.

Depeche Mode

The most covered band ever? I have no statistics to back this up, but my gut feeling says yes. There are even some people out there who can sing along to Depeche Mode songs without having ever heard a single of one of their songs.

Famous covers of Personal Jesus include Johnny Cash AND Marilyn Manson. Enjoy the Silence? Covered from everyone from Tori Amos to Susan Boyal via Lacuna Coil. Just can’t get enough? Unfortunately the Erasure version is probably more popular.

(As an aside, this Shiny Toy Guns Stripped Cover wins my vote for the best Depache Mode cover.)

However, there is still a very powerful classic element behind all of their songs, no matter how hold they are and how many different modern interpretations that song might have had. And it’s amazing to put them on in a crowd of people and see people’s minds been blown that, nope, that’s not a cover version of a song they are listening to, but actually the original.

Gary Numan

I actually found Splinter to sound a lot more like Nine inch Nails than Nine Inch Nail’s Hesitation Marks

Gary Numan was one of the leading soldiers in allowing people to show a “different from the norm” appearance, and pioneered many of the electronic sounds you will hear in many songs still.

And, at least if you are in the company of British people, it is impossible to find someone who hasn’t at least heard “Cars.” Another fun song to put in is M.E. from the pleasure principle, as many people don’t realise that the main riff from the Bassment Jaxx song.

For what Gary Numan sounds like now, I can only recommend listening to “Love Hurt Bleed”, and for what Gary Numan used to be like, I heavily recomend Berseker and although the video there isn’t of Gary Numan himself, it perfectly sums up his violet rainbow love letter style he was going for at the time.

Joy Division

Maybe one of the most famous post-punk kids to come out of England, cut tragically short.

Once again, they have one particular song that is known to virtually everyone, that being “Love will tear us apart”. The anti-love song that everyone knows and can start singing along to at the mere mention of it’s name.

But then comes some of their other songs, such as “She’s lost Control”, “Dead Souls” and “Disorder.” Put them on, and there will be a spark of remembrance, as if Ian Curtis has somehow manage to create tunes that trigger a primal recognition part of everyone’s mind.

Joy Division might not just be a cross over band, but one of the most defining bands for both the goth world and the general music scene.

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