5 Android Gothic Apps

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For Android Users, there are plenty of applications out there that can help make your life as a modern day goth a lot easier.

Here is just a small selection of the top six applications that you can find on the Google Play store to help you with finding new music, events, or just pinning down your own style.

Goth Radio – For Finding New Music

Goth Radio on the Play Store

This app here contains every great Radio music station that plays gothic music. From EDM, to metal, rock, grind core and others.

Sure, you could just use the App description and find the radio channels on your station of choice, but with this installed not only can you occasionally go out of your comfort zone, but you have an instant, curated play list for all guest situations.

Additionally, although it may not be the best designed ap in the world, it is perfectly functional for what is need, which is to have an easy interface to be able to select and stop radio stations from playing.

Play Music – For Playing Loved Music

Google Play Music on the Play Store/a>

Of course, you don’t always want to discover new music. Sometimes, you might be more interested in playing the songs you already know and love.

Play Music is Google’s answer to Spotify, and in some ways, it’s a lot better. Although the selection is slightly smaller than spotify (for example, even though the second one is on there, Play Music doesn’t have the first Miss Construction album), there is one major, major, advantage play music has over Spotify; you can upload your own music.

Sure, on Spotify, you can play your own local music, but if you use more than one device; for example, a laptop, a phone and a work computer, this means making sure that you music is replicated across all of them. With Play Music, you just have to upload your music once and you can listen to it anywhere. Perfect for playing that demo CD you got at a gig everywhere you go.

Soundhound – For Identifying Music at Clubs

Soundhound on the Play Store

This is one app that has done a lot to help me expand my music collection beyond what I normally listen to.

The Soundhound Android app allows you to point your phone in the direction of any music, and 99 times out of a 100, it will give you the exact song and artist that is playing. It works on all types of songs across genres. Doesn’t matter if it has lyrics, or is a mainly lyrical song. Soundhound will identify it, allowing you to go home at the end of the day and listen to it over, and over, and over again.

Sephora – For Makeup Help

Sephora on the Play Store
Although, naturally, tied to the Sephora Makeup company, this application has an amazing feature for if you are wondering what particular make up looks like on you.

It has a feature, Virtual Artist, which allows you to select a particular make up item and see what it would look like if you were to buy it.

Now, after trying on different colors, you can choose to either purchase that particular type of Sephora makeup, or you can take a look for a similar shade by your normal company.

Pinterest – For Finding New Clothes and Fashion Ideas

Pinterest on the Play Store
Also for finding your next style is the Pintrest app.

The desktop application can be really annoying, especially if you stumble across the Pintrest website while doing a normal Internet search.

However, the mobile app is pretty well designed, and doesn’t have all of those pop up reminders. Instead, you can just spend your time looking through new products and new styles, finding the one that fits you best.

(Header Image by rbulmahn from Flickr).

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