Gothic Articles – The Wake Up Goth Blog

What is Goth – Gothic Definition

Wake Up Goth: Better than Oxford Dictionary.

Gothic Date Ideas

Because you've already had twenty coffees.. last hour

Gothic Cocktails and Drinks

Spoiler Alert: You're gonna need Absinthe.

Top 16 Gothic Clothing Brands

First person to get one tattooed gets a cookie.

Gothic Art Facebook Pages to Follow

Get ready to find your next desktop.

Goth Movies – 16 That You Must Watch


Goth Clubs – The Friendlest Places in the World

...other than maybe Disneyland.

Gothic Bloggers and People

Apart from Wake Up Goth, of course!

Goth Style for Everyday Wear – For Women

Goth fashion that doesn't take ten hours.

Dealing with Hot Weather as a Masculine Goth

Not included: Just buying some ice cream.

Colours that work best for complementing black clothing

Spoiler alert: Black. Black goes with black.