Adding technology to your gothic home

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Do you have a strong gothic look to your home? But are you also a bit of a geek, and want to show case some of the newest technology? This article will help guide you in exactly what you can do.

Some of these devices are very much connected to the concept of The Internet of Everything, which is the idea that in a few years, pretty much everything we use will be connected to the Internet in some form or another. This means that multiple devices will be talking with each other, being able to share whatever information they have gathered.

This means that, for example, with your home that you could have , even today, a door that unlocks when your phone connects to the wi-fi, and your lightbulbs “listening in” to this event and switching themselves on.

So how do you encourage the smart home lifestyle into your goth decor and activities?

The Philips Hue Light bulb – Perfect Music Shows, Romantic Evenings, and more


The Philips Hue Light Bulbs are the ultimate in smart bulb technology. They don’t just switch on and off. They are also dimmable, and even better, have (including shades, brightness, etc) over 16 Million Colours. They also access your WiFi, allowing you to operate lights anywhere with an internet connection, as well as program the lights to do many different things.

This is how they manage to fit into many goth apartments and homes. For example, your Phillips Hue lights can give you an amazing light show when you put on your favorite genre of music. Or, you can set them to give out warm, red colours when you are planning on having a romantic evening.

They can also be an ideal solution if you are in a place that will not let you paint the walls. As long as your wall is white, you can use the lights to change the colour of your paint job, and you can do this day in day out.

They are also nonviolently friendly. Because you can manage when they switch on and off from afar, or put them on a schedule, you get to be in complete control of how much power your home is using in lighting itself.

The only problem with the Philips Hue set is that they can be reasonably expensive. If you are looking for a more budget solution, you can instead try something like the Revogi Bluetooth Controlled Candle.

The Shower Head Speaker with Bluetooth


There are two prime times for listening to your gothic music, when you are waking up and when you are getting ready to go out.

This bluetooth shower speaker will keep you through both situations. Seriously.

The Bluetooth speaker attached to this is actually quite powerful. It attaches itself to the show head, but it is also detachable. After you buy this device for your gothic smart home, you could actually find yourself using the speaker elsewhere around the house.

Guests will also always want to come over and use your shower. Not just because of the possibilities of listening to music without worrying that their phone’s will get wet, but also because the shower head itself it very powerful. In fact, as the description says, it is “three times more powerful” than traditional, standard shower heads.

The Kwikset Kevo Smart lock


The smart lock allows you to open your front door with a key, or with a smart phone application. What is really great about this smart device though is that you are also able to give anyone else with a smart phone permission to open up your door.

What this means for you is that, for example, if you are the kind of goth that travels a lot, and will often need someone to come by to look after your plants or animals, you can simply send someone a code to be able to unlock your door. No need to worry about cutting and losing a spare key. You are also able to revoke access to this at any time, or only allow the person to enter your house at particular set times.

So really, the perfect smart house accessory for the goth who likes to travel a lot.

The Amazon Echo – Your Smart, Spooky companion


The Amazon Echo is basically Siri for your home. A giant speaker that can listen in on you might sound a little creepy, but that’s not what could potentially make it the best spooky friend in your house.

For a start, you can command it to control the lighting in your room (with the smart Philip hue bulbs above), or ask it to unlock your door (with the smart lock above). But it can also do a lot more than that.

Want to start the newest Nachtmahr album playing around your home? Just ask the Echo to do that. And the sound quality? Well, that’s part of what you are paying for, and it is massive.

Take a look at all of the features on the Amazon page. I assure you, it will be a well placed addition to your spooky, teched-up, Internet of things ready gothic home.

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