Advantages of having an all black wardrobe.

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One of the best things about being a goth is having an easy to sort wardrobe. After all, for many the many colour sorting is from “dark shade of black” to “slightly darker shade of black”. Okay, so there may be a draw somewhere with some odd t-shirts, shirts, or particularly unsexy underwear, but on the whole, all of your clothing is black.

If this doesn’t describe your wardrobe, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider jumping into the “full black goth clothing” scene, even if you feel that it’s a cliche:

Washing becomes so much easier

Sorting by colour? Ptsh. Who has time with that. After all, you have a picnic date in the local graveyard to attend, an animal corpse that still needs to be taxidermided and somehow, you still have to slot in offering up a new born to satan.

However, you can get time to do all of that, and more, and still have clean washing when your wardrobe just contains all black. Simply grab it all together, shove it in the washing machine, and away you go!

Of course, if you do have a few stray colour items, this can actually complicate life a little bit, as you may not have enough other colours to justify putting on a full load. Of course, the solution is to just simply never wear them. Easy.

Clothes Repair is easy

Your colours have become fadded? Well, unlike other clothing where you might have to throw it out, or pick out a very specific dye, with black clothing you can get away with throwing in pretty much any brand or type of black dye to sort out the fade.

Need to repair a hole or a seam? There isn’t any need to search high and low for the exact colour thread that you need, or to patch up pieces of fabric to an exact colour. Instead, all you need to keep around the house is black thread and black material. Easy.

Everything matches

No more matching colours, ever. Because what goes with black? Everything. Especially even more black.

With the power of an all black wardrobe, worrying about if a colour matches your skin turn, or your accessories, is no big deal because, of course it does! It’s all black.

And once you start living life like this. You might start wondering how you ever lived before with trying to colour match. A friend call you up for an improv Project Pitchfork listening session? No need to worry about how you are dressing yourself. Just shove your hand inside your wardrobe, grab a couple of items, and put them on. You are good to go no matter what you have randomly chosen. Getting out of the door fast? Easy.

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