Amazing Gothic Clocks

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Clocks in rooms are often an underappreciated accessory to have. The right clock, however, can bring out the best in a location, adding a really cool sense of style to the space.

And after all, with the amount they are looked at, it is wise to have a decent time piece, as you can be sure that it is something that people will notice when they come to visit.

Mr Jones – The Accurate


The perfect representation of “Memento Mori”, the Mr. Jones Accurate Wall Clock is the big brother to the Mr. Jones “The Accurate” wrist watch.

Made by Mr. Jones in London, each clock is a labour of love. Mr. Jones is not your typical watch maker. Although all of his pieces are high quality and made to last, he takes a greater level of creating art than many other watch makers. Each one of his watches has a theme behind it.

Black Victorian Gothic Wall Coffin Clock

Black Victorian Gothic Wall Coffin Clock

Getting the classic kind of look out of the way, there is this stunning, handmade, Victorian Coffin Wall Clock up on Amazon.

As it has a thick back, it is something that will make an impression the moment someone even walks into the room, unlike over clocks where you are likely to only notice it when you are in the room and looking straight at it.

Although of course, the coffin shape draws the most attention, the actual clock part of it is also beautiful. You can see that it looks just ever so slightly ages, which helps to add to the victorian trappings of this gothic clock.

Gothic Dragon Gaze Round Wall Clock

Gothic Dragon Gaze Round Wall Clock Resin Figurine

For the fantasy or celtic kind of gothic cool, this Gothic Celtic Dragon Clock is an amazing addition to life.

If you order this one, you will find it packaged really well and that it will arrive you without any scratches or markings on the intricate Celtic patterns.

What I particularly like about this clock is that although the Celtic patterns are quite complex, the dragon in comparison is of a quite simple design, creating quite a nice contrast.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

You might just scream in joy when you see that this clock exists.

A perfect recreation of Halloween Town, this is a must clock for any fan of the original film.

Handpainted, handmade, and fully articular, the clock itself has LED lights to highlight the different effects, and yes, it even plays the “This is Halloween” song every time the clock strikes twelve.

Be warned though, although this clock does sound cool, it does seem that some people have had problems with the clocks that they have brought, with not all of the functions working. This means that you might have to be prepared to send it back and get a refund if you find that your clock arrives not working. Although, it seems that a majority of complaints are actually from people who hadn’t found the switches or read the manual properly so don’t know how to actually activate all of the very cool features on it.

Classic Circular Golden Antique Wall Clock

Classic Circular Golden Antique Wall Clock

And lastly, this Antique Wall Clock with Gold Colour Gothic Emblems allows you to add a much more subtitle gothic touch to your house or room than the other, more advert examples within this article.

One of the nice things about this clock is that is one of the silently operating clocks, meaning that you won’t get distracted by a clocks tick throughout the day

The design is also very nice, having just the right amount of class while also being a very nice looking display piece.

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