Being a goth on Dating Websites

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Sometimes you start looking for dates online. Maybe going outside has failed you. Maybe meeting other people though friend’s has never worked out well for you. Or maybe you just realise how awesome online dating can be.

Online Dating is more honest than real life, as there is typically only one reason why people go onto them. Intentions are out there right in the open allowing you both to focus on finding new people.

However, if your interests are different from the norm, such as into the gothic scene, you might have some reservations about using a dating website. Firstly, let me assure you that these are completely unfounded. Why? Well:

It’s a chance to stand out on the crowd.

On the whole, there are two main problems for people with profiles on Dating websites. Either they don’t get any messages, or they get to many.

If you set yourself up as a goth, however, this solves that problem in both cases.

For those who get too many, it can show people exactly what kind of person you are and, if they aren’t interested in that kind of thing, they can quickly move onto the next person without any hurt feelings.

For the people who do not get that many, dressing up as a goth sets you out. Most of the problem with not getting enough new messages on a site is not having differentiated yourself enough from everyone else. With a gothic profile picture, or gothic text in your bio, you will have separated yourself and given yourself something unique that will make (the right kind of) people want to message you.

Dating is all about meeting the right kind of person anyway

You shouldn’t have any fear over going into a dating website as your gothic self, or presenting it on the site.

Why? Because the whole point is to find people who do connect to you, and the real you. Again, one of the key goth tenants is that really, it is a major way to show the world who you are. To be comfortable and happy with your personality all the time.

To this end, you almost certainly want to attract someone who wants your kind of personality and interest.

It’s not always about finding other goths

On the same token, you might be worried because of not finding someone who classes themselves as a “goth.”

But, do you have friends who don’t consider themselves goths? Are you friendly, and do you enjoy the company of people, who don’t see themselves in that group? I’m guessing the answer is yes.

It’s more than possible to start a relationship, or whatever you are looking for, with someone who doesn’t consider themselves gothic. And in some ways, it can be better. There is nothing worse than a relationship where both people run out of new things to share with their partners. Where there is no time for independence, for learning away from the other and coming back with some more knowledge and experiences to share.

And you can always go to a specialist dating website

If you are really that concerned about presenting your gothic side online, or are determined to find someone as gothic as you, then going to a specialised dating website might be the best bet for you. There are plenty online, including Gothic Match. These sites can be pretty good but in my opinion, it’s always better to try out the leading ones first, as you never know who you’ll find and you never know how well it could go until you try it.

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