Best Industrial Dance Channels on YouTube

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Take a look around YouTube, and you will find plenty of places to watch goths enjoy the rather awesome style of Goth dance. Perfect for putting on a music playlist, or for perfecting your own moves, it s very possible to waste whole days in front of these channels.

So the best ones to watch are:

The Renegade Killer Bee

Channel Link

There is a lot more here than dance videos. To view just those though, go and visit the Renegade Dances playlist (also, certainly check out all of her other videos, they are pretty awesome)

Most of the videos feature just her, alongside three screens. Her outfits? Completely on point Matching each song.

For example, take the Nachtmahr Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit. Not just is what she wearing completely thematic to both the song and Nachtmahr, without resorting to typical Nachtmahr style, but the dance also fits perfectly as well, starting from the salute at the very beginning.

Das Club

Channel Link

The classic. Maybe the original as well.

Unfortunately, the very last dance uploaded to this channel as a year ago, so it is only worth subscribing for the rare chance that something new is uploaded. But, the dances already are amazing. For example, there is the dance for . What I love about this one is just HOW much fun “Lady Waffle” and “Sam Synthetic” are having in it! Their smiles are pretty damn infectious.

NGS Dance Crew

Channel Link

Now for one that is frequently updated! The videos are quite short, and sometimes the”special effects” put in can get in the way of the appreciating the actual dancing.

Which is a shame, as it would be possible to just focus on the activity as the video titles don’t actually show what songs are being played, and it would be easy to use the channels to get tips for that.


Channel Link

A somewhat quite new channel, which could really do with some love, so ahead and subscribe.

You can tell it’s a labour of love, as the music is played on speakers instead of being overlaid with the video meaning the sound quality isn’t as great as some of the other channels, but interested you get a great dancer.

Unlike some other channels, the dances are also completely varied between each channel, and also, it’s great fun to start at the chronological first of the videos and go through to the newest one, because you can really see her improve.

And very occasionally, you also get some really well done Cosplay, such as this amazing Harley Quinn dancing to Agonoize – Stattsfeind


Channel Link

Another new channel that could do with a bit of love, this one is updating quite regularly, which is unusual to see so defo needs some more subscribers for encouragement.

Okay, like some other channels, this one can sometimes be ruined by extra effects being put into the videos, but at least there is still a large focus on the dancing style.

(Header image from Wikimedia.)

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