Best towns for Gothic Shops

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If you are the kind of person who plans your holidays based on the shopping experience that you might be able to have, you might be considering booking flights or travel to places that can cater towards your shopping habits.

So, these are the best cities, and the shops in them that you should visit for these kinds of holidays.

Los Angeles – Halloween Town

This is a shop devoted towards the joys of halloween in all of it’s forms. Although there are many other shops in Los Angeles, this is a must see shop as it has been completely taken over by it’s Halloween theme, all year around.

The only thing to be aware of when entering this shop is that you need to make sure that you will have plenty of spending money, because as well as finding some great house decorations and clothing, you might want to by everything for the next twenty Halloweens.

Berlin – Savage Wear

Of course, in capital cities there are many places to go for gothic accessories and outfit, but if you ever find yourself in Berlin, you need to take a trip down to Grünberger Straße to find Savage Wear, one of the best latex companies in the world.

Sure, it can show with the prices of some their outfits, but you really do pay for quality in this case. And, even if your money is feeling a bit low from the other sights, sounds and experiences of Berlin, it is always worth to have a look, even if you can’t buy. They do, after all, there is also a Savage Wear online store you can then spend your next paycheck at.

London – Camden Town

So this is cheating, but really, you can regard Camden Town as one major large shopping mall, so we’ll go for that with the inclusion of a whole city district instead of just a shop on this list.

But really, Camden Lock is where it is at. You can get practically anything you want, and everything you didn’t know you needed, from the home of Goth (and all other unusual things) in London. It is here that you will find the main Cyberdog store, as well as many other sellers, both small and large. Not only that, but in Camden Town you will also find many food stores that cater to all diets, meaning that you also won’t go hungry while spending all of the GBP left in your wallet or purse.

Leipzig – Just Leipzig

Okay, including a whole town might just be cheating slightly.

Of course, the best time to go shopping in Leipzig for gothic wears is during Wave Goth Treffen, which takes place in May. However, even without this massive goth meetup happening, there is still plenty to see, and buy, in this beautiful city in Germany.

For example, you could go to Darxity on Ranständer Steinweg and view tasteful, yet still club-worthy gothic clothes, or you could take a trip down to Queen of Darkness, on Brühlstraße and view some absolutely excellent and all so awesome fashion accessories.

Mexico City – Hecate Gothic Shop

Whereas, if you are visiting Mexico, there is only one place really to visit. That being Hecate Gothic Shop.

One of the joys of this shop is the wide range of chokers that are available, meaning that even if you have never considered wearing one before, after one visit to this place you will now be a permeant choker wearer.

After that, you have your standard collection of black clothes which are perfect for any wardrobe.

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