Care for All Black Clothes

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The standardised Goth wardrobe choice can be a pain sometimes. it can be quite hard to keep your black clothes perfectly black.

The dye in black clothing is infamous for being able to run out quickly, meaning that with repeated washing, the new outfit you have brought will end up being faded and not quite so brilliant in a few years.

However, there are ways of solving this problem which can help make your wardrobe looking as good as always

Don’t wash your clothing as much

This might sound filthy, but it doesn’t have to be.

Using layers, you can prevent from having to wash your clothes after one wash. For example, for tops you can simply wear a light cotton under top that will prevent body odour from going onto the clothing.

For women (or men who are fine with wearing them) tights can add an additional extra layer to prevent you from having to wash trouser or skirts as often. For men, there is also the possibility of wearing long johns on the bottom half.

Of course, this rule DOESN’T hold for things you wear under clothes, including these tights, long johns, and undershirts.

Turn everything inside out

This is actually a tip that is relevant to all clothing. By turning the clothing inside out, you are preventing the important part of the fabric, the visible part, from being exposed to the harshness of the washing cycle. However, the washing machine will still clean this inside part of your clothing as well as if it was the other way around.

Additionally, for the same reasons, don’t tumble dry your clothes. The harshness of the dryer will be very harsh on the fabric, increasing the chances of it fading. Instead, either hang your clothes outside, or get yourself a nice little airer for your flat to hang the clothes on. As well as preventing clothes from fading, this will also help keep the general condition of the fabric brilliant.

Sort your washing

Yeah, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle, but sorting out your black clothing away from your other clothing can help keep everything together. You can also do this during your turning of everything inside out. No matter when you wash them, or what cycle, some of the black dye will leave. However, by keeping the clothes together, some of the dye will reabsorb into the current washing cycle.

Use the right washer settings – cold and short

Once you have finally loaded the washing machine with your black items, next is to think about the actual cycle itself.

The best washing guideline for black clothes is to actually use a cold cycle. This is because the cold water will not react with the dyes quite as much.

You also want to make the cycle as short as possible. Normally a delicate wash is completely fine.

Detergent for Black Clothes

When running a liquid wash, detergent works a lot better than powder as powers may not completely dissolve in cold water.

Specialised detergents help with the washing of black clothes because they tend to bond to the dye in the clothing, preventing them from running out during the wash.

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