Colours that work best for complementing black clothing

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Of course, being a goth is not all about the fashion statement, but it is very likely that when you are int he sub culture, your wardrobe will contain predominantly black clothing. Sometimes, you just want to add a bit of extra colour to your outfits. The summer months are especially great for this.

So, what can you do to stylise your wardrobes?

Red goes well with Black

Mixing in some red can help out a lot. You can use either dark or light red; both work well when paired with black.

Personally, one of my favourite things to do is to wear a netted top, maybe one with a lot of chains or metal links on it, but to also have a red t-shirt on underneath, allowing the red to break out from all of the holes in it.

Adding a red scarf, or tie, is also a great way to help break out your outfits. With a simple thing coming from your neck line, breaking up the front of your outfit, you can add a deep, eye catching contrast to your clothing items.

Purple also goes great with Black

The colour that used to be reserved for royalty, purple is another great colour that can be added very well to most outfits.

As Purple is such a rich colour, typically you will need to use far less of it than if you were to add red to your outfit. Think of adding a bit of Jewellery. A necklace with a purple pendant on can work really well. Or some simple hair beads, which would work especially well if you have long hair on one side.

Another option is to add a purple broach onto one of your outfits. This is a particularly bold statement if you are wearing either a suit jacket or a blazer.

Silver and Gold (and not just chains)

Another great statement you are able to make alongside your black clothing is to load up on silver. Now of course, many goth looks include the usage of chains, for example, the simple waist chain. However, this isn’t your only option when adding a bit of interest to a black outfit.

A simple bit of silver can be added through the usual methods, a necklace or a broach. But, an often unappreciated method is that of bracelets.

Sure, you can get black leather (or faux-leather) bracelets that have silver elements in them. Or, you can do something completely different, and go for simple, plain chains on your wrists.

You can also think about some other minor accessories as well. What about instead of adding chains to your normal clothes, you instead add them to whatever bag you are using (if you are using one)? Or, give yourself a nice, large, silver belt buckle.

And of course, you can also go in a completely different direction and forgo silver at all, even in your chains. Instead, a deep gold can work wonders for adding an extra new dimension to your clothing, something that will help you stand out even in the face of other goths.

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