Dealing With Hot Weather as a Goth Woman

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When the sun comes out, it can be quite hard, if you are firmly within the goth style, to deal with the increasing temperatures. After all, although black may be the darkest of colours, it is also the warmest.

However, there are ways of still showing your ‘spooky’ side, even when the sun is blaring down it’s beams at you. And most of it doesn’t even need that much variation of your wardrobe, or for you to buy that many new things. So, for items you should consider wearing during the warmer days:

Netted Tops

One thing to start wearing when the summer hits are those thin netted tops. The kind of light fabric in most of them is perfect for allowing cool breezes to give you a bit of relief.

Of course, you do not have to go for just black when picking out netted tops. Purple is another great colour that allows you to stay looking gothic in the hot, warm weather.

Short Skirts

Summer is also the perfect time to start flaunting off your legs a bit. You can start looking through your wardrobe, and find those that you wouldn’t normally wear. And hey, if anyone calls you out on it, you can just point to the temperature as an excuse.

Long Skirts

And as an opposite to the above tip, you can also look into wearing longer skirts.

Why would this help? Well, you can then shed any leggings or tights that you may norma;ly wear. Sure, you might have more fabric in total dangling down, but being able to shed off as much as your bottom layer as possible will help to keep your body cool.

Smaller boots

If you are the kind of person that normally wears knee high boots, Summer is also a good time to start thinking about alternative footwear. By wearing smaller shoes, you can help to beat the heat and carry on living life comfortably.

Vest tops

It’s not only men that can get away with this. By adding Vest tops to your wardrobe, you can wear light, and yet still form fitting, fabric which will help you in the summer months.

Of course, the perfect colour to look out for is black, but with the right accessories, purple, red, and white are all colours that can also work.

Robes and cloaks

if you like having having layering, and like having outer layers on whatever clothes you are wearing, then investing in some great robes and cloaks could be just the thing you need for summer.

By wearing one of these, as well as allowing your body to get as much fresh air as it needs, you can also wear less on your outer layers s the robe or cloak will help to make up the difference n the amount of skin you are showing.

Get yourself an awesome parasol

And there is one amazing thing you can add to your summer outfits which will not only help with the sun, but give you an amazingly cool gothic fashion piece. That is the humble parasol.

A parasol allows you to both block out the sun, and make sure that you look better than everyone else. Of course, although it is best to wear a parasol along side long dresses, or vaguely victorian looking tops, the parasol is a perfect touch for almost every outfit.

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