Dealing with Hot Weather as a Masculine Goth

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Ah, summer. The time when it is very tempting to shed away your leather and embrace clothing that doesn’t cause you to drown in your own sweat.

There are ways, however, to still show your dark side without having to rush and find a shower every few minutes. For example:

Get into light-weight t-shirts

You might be more used to wearing elaborate shirts, or even leather and PVC. However, one way to help solve your over heating problem is to get into wearing the humble band or festival T-shirt. If you go for a light weight cotton, then even black T-shirts can be quite breezy in the warmer weather.


If you are used to keeping all of your valuable items, such as phones and wallets, in a coat, you might not want to switch to storing these in your trouser pockets. So, instead, you can look into getting waistcoats. The right ones for summer will be made of a light material, and yet contain multiple pockets for storying all of your previous stuff in.

Gothic Vests

If you are comfortable with showing off your arms, then looking into a series of different fest tops is also a great way to go. With the right vest, especially one with rough looking sleves, you can still enjoy looking your best during hot months. Particular vests to look out for include ones that are mainly black, potentially with either a logo on the front or large white writing.

Netted Tops

Of course, another option is to wear netted tops, vests, or shirts. For the day time, these are only for the particularly brave, as they are of course an item of clothing that will make you stand out from any normal, typical, crowd. However, if you have the body for it, these items can make a great fit into your summer goth wardrobe.

Canvas Trousers

Another great item to wear are black canvas trousers. These are by nature, made out of a material that breathes really well. If you find it hard to find a black pair, you can always just search for a pair that fit you and dye them black.


Another standout, and yet summer-comfortable, item. The humble goth kilt, as long as it isn’t covered in a mass of chains, is perfect for the hotter weather for a man. Allow your legs (and crotch) to breathe.

If you are into the Cybergoth look, a white kilt is also a very workable option, allowing you to shed the over heating black.

Combat Shorts

And of course, another great option are the knee high combat style shorts. Even the black ones can be great in the summer, allowing you to have a great, comfortable look. Of course, if you are wearing the kind of ones with detachable chains, it could be a really good idea to move them. Or else, you might find yourself adjusting the and accidentally burning your hand or arm off. Unless, of course, you want to go for the branded look.

(Header Image By tup wanders (Flickr: Posers) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons).

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