Everyday Goth Clothing For Men

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It’s a shame, but every day can’t be spent wearing extravagant victorian clothes, netted shirts, latex shirts, or whatever subgenre of Goth you subscribe to. There comes times when you need to simmer it down a little bit, wherever for work, for family events, or simply managing to make it to the shops.

It is still quite simple to show your individual routes though while being able to go about your day. Not so much blending in, because who really wants to do that, but sticking out in an agreeable way.

All you need is:

A few band or horror T-shirts

Ah, the humble band T-shirt. Not just for heavy metal enthusiasts. A decent Cure or Joy Division T-Shirt can help you show off your love without having to go the whole way.

Tasteful Necklaces

Personally, I’m a fan of wearing my Ankh at all times. Okay, the wearing of it might be based on a female comic book character (Neil Gaiman’s death), but a simple pendant and chain looks good on virtually any man. Worn over a shirt, place the chain around the shirt collar. That might be slightly unconventional, but it allows you to divert attention to the pendant that you have chosen.

More accessories: The Belt and Chain.

Any pair of black trousers becomes even more amazing the moment you add a proper belt to them as an accessory.

And, even though it’s more of a teenage-youthful goth man look, you should also consider attaching a wallet chain to the loop of your trousers. As well as making your wallet harder to steal, it adds a sign of your taste that is pretty much well known by members of the public.

And further with the accessories: Bracelets and Watches

You should also think about the potential for bracelets. Some simple plain leather strapped ones can work quite well with every outfit, but there is also the joys of owning some Alchemy Gothic original bracelets on your wrist. Okay, so Alchemy Gothic is a bit pricy, but you do get what you pay for, which is some amazingly classy, and masculine, jewellery to put on yourself.

You could also look at watches. Okay, so there is a ridiculous problem of watches being seen as a status symbol for a man’s wealth, but since when did you care about something like that? Get yourself a cool watch! If you want a subtle watch, try the Mr. Jones Accurate, which is actually what I wear as a perfect summary of my attitude, and also as a cool conversation piece when the time (heh) presents itself.

Black or Unique Waistcoats

Sometimes, standing out and showing off the goth side of your personality can be as simple as appropriating a piece of clothing that is still acceptable but most people don’t wear any more.

The humble waistcoat is perfect for this. Add a nice skinny black tie (or, if you are feeling really adventurous, a bow-tie) to it, and you have a perfect stand-out accessory.

You don’t just have to keep to standard plain black with your Waistcoat choice either. Hell, why not a red waistcoat? Or pull out a sewing machine and customise your own waistcoat with a few gothic looking trims.

(Header Image by Jonas Rogowski (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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