“Female” Gothic items that males can wear

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There are many great things about goth fashion, but there are two great things that are perfect for this article. The first being that it is for everyone, there isn’t really much goth fashion that can’t be worn by other people in other context (aside from maybe things like full latex suits not being completely appropriate in business contexts). The second thing is that it is mailable. There is nothing to say that one particular part of an outfit has to be work with similar items, or has to be kept with one particular type of person or genre.

This is why there are many traditionally “female” items that can actually look quite good, hot, attractive, and cool on a man. For example, many men could get away with wearing:


A choker doesn’t have to be a complex design of leather straps, hooks, rings and spikes. For a male, a simple piece of string around the neck, some beads, and a pendant can create an absolutely great look.

In fact, there isn’t really a lot to stop a male goth from wearing a full style S&M choker, especially if they are into that side of the culture. For a start, it is a great way to identify people.

Hair Beads

Not just for people with dreadlocks or extra long matted hair.

A hair bead on the right man can look very good, and there are many more options available on the market these days than just bright florescent colors and butterflies. For example, there are skulls and crosses also available.

For the right kind of long haired man, this can add a wonderful dimension to their appearance.


Okay, so when a “true man” wears them, they are referred to as kilts (Aside, never ever say anything on a similar note to that to a Scottish person), but if there is one place a man can get away with wearing a non-tartan kilt, it is within the goth community.

Many of the gothic kilts on sale look extremely masculine, and sometimes, quite deadly. There is a large range of different ones available, and many people are surprised when they put on one and discover how good they look in it.

Additionally, if you have never danced in a kilt/skirt before, you really need to try it out. Major, major, fun.


And lastly, how can we forget one of the great things that the goth culture allows men to experience; makeup.

There is nothing wrong now with men wearing a bit of black nail varnish, or even some heavier eye makeup. In fact, for many men, this helps to round out all of their features and gives them a great, sexy, hot look.

Of course, the comfortable man could wear makeup in any context, but there is something about the goth scene that makes it slightly more acceptable, and a little bit easier for the sky man to get away with. Of course, there are plenty of guides on male goth makeup.

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