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The fetish scene does seem to go hand in hand with the gothic scene. After all, one of the most amazing outfits that you can wear at clubs is anything that has latex in it; be it trousers, leggings, a top, a corset, or a full blown body suit.

Not only is latex great to feel and wear, it is also something amazing to look at, which is why a lot of the Facebook pages in this guide to Gothic Fetish Facebook Pages to follow tend to show off models wearing Latex. It is also no more unusual to have latex models in your feed than any other models.

So, without further delay, here are the top Fetish pages that you should be following, if you are interested in the fetish side of the gothic scene:

Fetish Evolution Weekend

The Fetish Evolution Weekend is one of the biggest events in the fetish calendar. This makes it instantly a key page to follow to discover what is happening in the scene, as well as to view amazing fashions.

Although the Fetish Evolution Weekend happens in Essen, Germany, almost all of the output of the page is in English, meaning that you won’t feel lost if you do not speak the language (nor will you have to keep pressing the “Translate this Post” button)

It’s also a great way to keep up to date with when you can apply for being a model there, is that is something you wish to try out.

Celene Nox

A German Latex model, beautiful, sexy, and intelligent.

Not only can you enjoy the photos, and the outfits, that Ms. Nox wears, but you can also enjoy the craftsmanship in how they are made. For Celene Nox does also work with Latex herself, making her own clothing. Sometimes, she will even post pictures of items in development.

La Trisha

A model with absolutely amazing hair, La Trisha is a very eye-catching and show spotting person to follow on Facebook.

She is another one of these models who hails from Germany, but thankfully, her page is in a mixture of both German and English.

Additionally, one key thing about this page, and why it is a must to follow, is that La Trisha does also a key side of Latex that is often forgotten. Having fun. A lot of the time, it looks like she is having the time of her life, with images and shots oft displaying a cheeky sense of humour.

Arzu Kaos

And now it’s time to move away from the females for a moment to take a look at Arzu Kaos.

Unfortunately, it is rare to find a male fetish model as stunning as Arzu is. With a “kawaii” sense of humour, he is obviously a little bit like La Trisna above in the amount of fun it seems that he is having in a lot of his photo shoots.

His looks waver between cute, sexy, and ohh sooooo hot aggressive.

Catherine Black

Catherine Black is incredibly sweet.

What is really awesome about Catherine Black (other than of course, the modeling and the latex) is how normal she shoes herself to be. Unlike the other models who may seem like they are living in some kind of super-star, hyper-reality powered show, Catherine Black shows herself to be an every day person, albeit it one with a great fashion sense and a great ability to pose

S&M Photography – Susan and Markus

The last model. This page is actually a collaboration between Susan Wayland and Markus, giving them the amazing name of S&M Photography (gotta wonder if they came together just because of how the initials came together).

One of the nice things about this page is that you can see that both have a lot of chemistry together, with Markus knowing exactly how to shoot Susan and them being completely comfortable with each other.

Fräulein Kink

Now you’ve done looking through models, it might be that you want to start trying to get together the things to start assembling their kinds of looks for yourself.

Fräulein Kink is a store in Berlin that seems amazingly high-end Fetish and fashion products. This is the kind of stuff you would imagine a James Bond heiress wearing.

As well as gloriously framed and shot images of their products, and the models wearing them, Fräulein Kink also loves posting pop culture items with a kink reference.

Paul Soso Photographer

Flipping constantly between sexy, artistic, morbid, and beautiful, Paul Soso is an amazing person to follow on Facebook.

This West London based photographer has many amazing amazing photos, and updates with a regularity that shouldn’t be expected from the high quality of everything that he shoots.


The project of Alexander Horn, based in Bremen, Germany, L.A.Tex, shockingly, is focused on Latex Fetish Photography.

If you follow the page, you may recognise one of the models commonly reoccurring; Aranea Peel, otherwise known as the lead of the band Grausame Töchter.

But you shouldn’t just follow the page for her. All of the photos show the artistic and beauty side of Latex, while also pealing away just a little bit to find the touch of the bizarre and the grim underneath.

(Header Image By Benoit Champagne (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr)

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