Goth Clubs – The Friendlest Places in the World

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If someone is aware of the kind of night clubs that goths enjoy, they might still wonder at why many make so many plans to go to them, sometimes even making sure to travel miles and miles away to get to a new event.

If you are outside of the scene and just want to know more about clubs, or you are inside of it and are debating heading to your first ever club event guide, this guide will tell you why they are so great.

It’s written from the experience of someone who has been to events in Essex (when they crop up) and events in Germany (Particularly Munich and Super Schwarzes Mannheim), as well as a one time visit to one of the more extreme events in the scene, Torture Garden.

So, let’s get started.

The “Uniform”

Other than maybe the music, this is the most noticeable thing about goth clubs. Especially to outsiders. Literal outsiders; it’s easy to tell when a goth event is happening in town because of the onslaught of black, PVC, Leather and Latex.

Not many other evening events have such a strong adherence to a certain style of dress. Sure, you might get raves with Glow sticks and neon-colours, but you will also find people who don’t go for that particular look, whereas in most goth clubs, you would be hard press to find anyone who doesn’t look like they belong.

Those last two words? “They Belong”? That’s the point of the uniform, and is one of the reasons that the clubs are so good. The uniforms brings across the community feel. It’s a way for many people to express a sense of fashion that, sometimes, can not be worn throughout the rest of life, allowing them to show who they are.

The Community Aspect

Despite all of the black, the iconography of skulls you might see, the tattoos, the piercings, the style of music, you will never find a more friendly group of people. Sparking up a conversation is as easy as walking up to someone and saying hi. Small talk might last all of three minutes before you are talking about topics that you’d otherwise only talk around close friends with.

On the whole, these kinds of clubs attract people with the same kind of mindset, and so people know that if you come up to them you will very likely share more personality wise than just an appreciation of the same kind of music, unlike other kinds of clubs where you can walk up to someone and not share anything common between you at all.

Which isn’t to say that it is all homogeneous. After all, there seem to be as many different styles of goth as there are words in the dictionary. But, there will almost always be a common point for you to diverge ff into in opposite directions to get into the topic that interests you most.

The Music

For many goths, it is unlikely that the kind of music they want to listen to will be played inside of a regular club. For the Rivetheads, there is only one kind of place you can go to if you want to dance along to some Combichrist or Grendel, for the Medieval Rockers, there is only one place to go where you can hear Faun or Subway to Sally play.

The best kinds of goth clubs will typically have different floors for completely different of genres, and sure, people may flitter and flutter through each room. My particular favourite is Super Schwarzes Mannheim, found in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, where there at five different rooms, each one devoted to a different kind of music, including a general rock area for if you do want a break for everything else. And this is the only place I have ever heard some of my favourite songs actually played.

The complete lack of judgement

Even though the scene, from the outside, can seem pretty inclusive, that you have to ‘fit in’, nothing could actually be further from the truth. People there probably know what it was like being singled out, for whatever reason, and they understand completely what it’s like to be an outsider. If anything, the goth community everywhere, not just clubs, are some of the warmest, nicest people you will ever meet. Part of this is probably because they are the kind of people who can be comfortable being themselves, and don’t feel the need to reject other people to make themselves feel good.

Some of them, okay, do have a door policy, but if you find a club that doesn’t and end up going on normal clothes, or you just aren’t dressed to the nine’s in all manner of leather and black, you will still be welcomed.

The Fun

The last reason why you should check out a goth lub if there is ever one in your area? The most important one?It’s fun. It’s just sheer fun. You want to dance like an idiot? Go ahead and do it. You want to spend the evening sitting at the bar area, chatting? Go right ahead. You want to listen to some great music while indulging in shots? Sure, why not.

You will never find a better party atmosphere, where everyone is into what they are doing, where everyone is completely into

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