Goth Makeup For Guys – How To

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So, you want to start wearing makeup, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have tried before, but couldn’t quite get the hang of putting it on and you are looking for more tips on how to get ahead with doing it.

So, let’s start with the most important thing, what to buy.

Goth Makeup Buying Guide for Men

There are a lot of different brands out there, and although you might be tempted to go for cheap, dollar store (or euro/pound store depending on your country) makeup to see if it works for you, if you go for the absolute cheapest makeup, you will never find out if it works for you. Putting on makeup that’s cheaper just won’t work at all. Cheap makeup smudges, is hard to get working correctly (especially for beginners) and won’t do the best in accentuating your features.

You will want to look for brands that you recognise from commercials. So look for your Maybelline, or your Revions and L’Oreals. Of course, if you have a female friend to help you out, this could be best. You might even been able to try out some of the more expensive brands.

Preparation for Putting on Makeup

See this as like the step of putting on some shaving cream. You need to get your skin ready for makeup. Additionally, you do need to consider two things with being a guy. Firstly, that you probably haven’t kept your skin is as good condition as a woman might do, and your skin will also naturally be drier and not as adherent to makeup.

To start off with, you will want to Exfoliate properly. All this means is getting a decent exfoliant, and washing your face with it. There are now specialised products for the men on the market, with L’oreal making a great “for men” range.

Next comes the moisturiser. Ideally you want to let this sit on your skin for a few minutes before wiping off. This will ensure that your skin is ready to have makeup applied to it.

Adding Eyeliner

Firstly, even if you already have a pencil sharpner, you are going to want to buy yourself a completely separate one for the Eye liner, so that you don’t get graphite shavings into your eyes, which can cause eye problems.

There are two great ways to wear eye liner for men. The first one is to apply it on both the upper and lower eyelid, all around. This is where the skin on your eye just reaches the eye line. The second one is to just do the corner, closest to the ear, and apply a black eye shadow both around the eye liner for a thicker look. Then, take a smudging brush, and smudge the make up around the rest of your eye. This can actually create quite a nice, classic look.

Black Lipstick for guys

Black is the best colour to start out with Sure, some men can also get away with brighter colours, such as purple, but a good place to start out with in makeup, as with anything else in life, is with the classics.

Putting on lipstick should be pretty simple, even if you have never done it before. One thing to try is to only accentuate just one feature. That is, if you want to focus on having powerful makeup around the eyes, then downplay the lips with a subtile colour. Or, if you want to really bring out the lips, then add a lighter more subtile effect to those lips.

If you don’t want to go all the way with lipstick, another option is to use lip balm. Apply it regularly enough and your lips will start feeling and looking a lot better.

Nail Varnish

Of course, black is the way to go, but there is another way.

Start getting into Nail Art. This is something that many guys don’t do, but can actually add a lot of individuality to your look, while also allowing you to also design some masculine patterns onto your nail. You can buy specialised nail varnish for this, many of them also having a pen tip meaning that the applying of patterns becomes a lot easier.

Using Black Mascara for guys

Of course, no goth look is complete without some thick, heavy, black mascara on the eye lids.

The Mascara should be the last makeup that you put onto your face, so you also need to be extra careful not to smudge your current hard work.

To apply mascara, simply take out the brush and dab any black still on the end of the tip to the inside of the bottle. Then, very gently, wipe the brush up and down your eye lashes. While doing this, move the brush very slightly left and right as well. This will help to prevent your lashes from clumping together.

What you can also do is wipe the brush from left to right across the tips of the eye lashes for an extra strong look.

Go out with confidence

Rock the look!

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