Goth Style for Everyday Wear – For Women

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It’s not always possible to show the full gothic part of your personality to the world. Unfortunately, we need money to live and some work places might not be so happy with having an employee dress to the tens in their normal goth clothing. Or maybe you need to attend some event whereby a normal subtile approach is probably the way to go.

You don’t have to completely remove your black attire though. It is more than possible to dress for the occasion without having to completely shed the goth style of things. And you can do more than just wear a standard black skirt, blouse, or jumper. For example:

Accessorise with the right scarf

Adding the right sort of scarf to your outfit is one way to get across the right kind of aesthetic. Think Thrift stores, black flower patterns, and purple. For an extra touch, think about broaches as well. Add a simple and plain one to the end of your scarf for an extra unique touch.


Of course, one of the other key ways you can let your freak flag fly proudly while fitting in with what society might expect of you is to add the right kind of makeup. Sure, you might not be able to get away with black lipstick, but some heavy eyeliner will help you in your goal of setting yourself out.

Don’t neglect your nails as well. Yu don’t have to go for the standard black either. Try a bit of unique nail art to start setting yourself out.

Your Hair accessories

Which ever way you decide to wear your hair, having a hairband is another way to help set yourself out. Think black bows, black roses or for an splash of a colour, something bright and red.

For something extra unique, you might want to consider adding a few beads to your hair. Even some plain silver beads can help you bring yourself out in the way that you want to, although if you look online, you can also find some in the shape of bats, skulls, or whatever else takes your fancy.

The Umbrella

Ah, so many people miss out on this accessory, but it can be one of the best ones for adding a lot of elements of class and style to your outfit. If you go down this route to sprinkle in a bit of goth to every day proceedings, pick out a long or medium length umbrella; don’t make do with one that you can fit into your handbag. You want to make sure people know about it.


Another subtle way to show across your love for the gothic is to make sure that your jewellery is all up to date.

The best colour for this is silver, but you can also stretch far beyond rings. What about a classy pendant for your neck? Or some cool, gigglingly bracelets

There is also one other really great way to increase the uniqueness of your look. That is by using something which is very acceptable but, for whatever reason, people don’t tend to wear any more. And that is the simple broach. Go into any thrift or charity store and you will often find piles of them, perfect for any blazer or coat.

The Handbag

And last, but not least, consider the handbag you are using. Of course you might not be able to use something completely out there, but you should think about those kinds of bags that show a slight gothic streak without having to be over the top. Crushed black velvet is always a good choice for this, or a nice deep dark red.

(Header Image By Marcus Ranum).

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