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One thing that people can sometimes miss about Facebook is that the news feed can actually be very good, if you tailor it to work and operate in exactly the way you want it to.

To this purpose, one really great thing to do is to like the Facebook pages of artists involved within creating gothic art. This way, as well as the updates from your friends, and the bands, you will also be able to able to view glorious gothic art images.

What kind of images can you get appearing on your feed though? Well:

The Artwork of Jennybird Alcantara

Based in San Francisco, This particular prolific artist uses a lot of anamorphic animals in almost whimsical, fairytale like situations. But fair tails as seen through the eyes of someone like H.P. Lovecraft.

Viewing her art work might make you feel like you have just stumbled upon a children’s book that was actually made for the express purpose of giving children nightmares.

If H.R. Giger is focused on the intersection of man and machine, then Jennybird is interested in the intersection between female and nature. The figures on her art contain the same kind of body-horror (or in fact, body-beauty) that is prevalent within Giger’s masterpieces.

It is always a treat to see a new piece of work by Jennybird pop up on your feed.

Danielle Tunstall Photography

A photographer who works on digitally altered horror portraits, Danielle Tunstall alternates between horrific images from some dimension of pain, and sinister objects found during waking life.

Her work is instantly provocative, many images bring images of concept art for the greatest post-apocalyptic movie that has never been made.

One of the most impressive things you will discover about Danielle Tunstall that she is completely self-taught, having never attended any form of photography course.

Dollies of the Dammed

Some much more unique stylings can be found right on the Dollies of the Dammed page.

Taking body-modification to the extreme, on childhood toys, this artist takes her dolls and modifies them in ways that their original creators will have no way intended, but would probably find very awesome.

Sometimes, she will also advertise that one of her dolls (wherever made by her, or just in her collection) are available for “adoption”, meaning that you might be scrolling your Facebook feed one day and find that you don’t just have to look at the picture, you can actually own a piece of her art for your spooky gothic home.

Rocksau Pictures

A German photographer, his description states “My pictures are obviously not technically perfect, because they have soul.” And I’d be somewhat inclined to disagree. His pictures do have a lot of soul, and for that reason they are technically perfect.

Although some of his art might be better presetened within the fetish section, there are enough beautiful, wishful, shots to place Rocksau pictures within the art parges you should follow. After all, each image he shoots does have high amount of soul with each one.

Gothesque Magazine

Lastly, there is this absolutely amazing place to discover art.

This is somewhat of a combi choice, as this isn’t just one gothic artist, but loads of them

Although a lot of pictures are posted on their pages, what is worth adding them for are notifications for when the newest issue of the Gothesque Magazine is out. Although you do have to pay for it, every single penny is worth it. The magazines themselves are amazingly high quality, and are available as both print and PDF, so you can consume them in just the way you want.

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