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Facebook isn’t just good for catching up with people who you know. One other great thing about Facebook is that it has allowed people to connect to a bigger audience. As part of this, there are many bloggers and people within the gothic community that have Facebook pages that are more than worth following.

By following these people, you get to experience a wide range of perspectives and ideas about what the goth way of life is.

Wednesday Mourning

If you are a fan of oddities, you may have already encountered Wednesday Mourning. Although she does classify herself as a model and an actress, she posts a lot of interesting thoughts and pictures on her Facebook page, making it a key one to follow if you are interested in following details on the gothic way of life from someone with a great sense of humour and humility.

Der Schwarze Planet

A new and upcoming blogger on the scene, Shan Dark, unfortunately, you will need to read German to fully appreciate all of her posts (or be able to deal with her great writing being mangled through Google Translate).

Really, one of the reasons to follow her Facebook page is to be notified of when she posts a new blog. She writes on the gothic scene with a wiry perspective, full of perception and humour.


And the last of the German Bloggers.

asuROCKS shows how to be a successful geek goth. I’m also not entirely sure if she’d really consider herself to be a goth, but the sensibilities of her page should interest anyone who is in the scene.

Even if you don’t read German and don’t want to use Google Translate, there is one great reason you should still add her Facebook page to your like list: You get to see her artwork constantly pop up on your wall and be amazed at it every time it does.

GIY: Goth it Yourself

Into making your own style, your own home, and your own way of doing things? Then you really should be following GIY: Goth it Yourself, the Facebook page of the one and only Bane.

Featuring loads of great ideas for how to give yourself, and your home, the goth style you both deserve, Bane is an endless supply of help and inspiration.

And plus, she adds a lot of comedy to her posts, which always helps when you are getting frustrated with your own personal projects.

Sophistique Noir

Recently having given up her actual blog, Sophistique Noir is, none the less, very active on social media, including Facebook.

You should follow her if you are seeing as to how easily malleable the goth look is into the corporate life without having to compromise in showing the traces of personality that only goth clothing can do.

That is not to say that everything she posts is about how to get to live in an office environment. Her posts will show her amazing sense of fashion from everything to weekend, to going out int he evenings, with some of the outfits having a 1950’s goth look to them.

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