Gothic Facebook Pages and Groups to Follow: General Gothic Pages

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If you are a Facebook user, there are many different Facebook pages that you can think of following.

One of the advantages of following gothic Facebook pages when you are a part of the community is that it is very easy to get a lot of updates over what is happening, meaning that you don’t miss any new album releases or any concerts happening in your area.

They can also provide a great joy when you are going through your Facebook feed. Bu not just filling it up with the feed of your friends, you get to see items that are tuned towards your interests.

So, what pages should you follow?

World Goth Day

World goth days happens every year on the 22nd of May. However, that doesn’t mean that this page isn’t active at other times.

When you follow this page, you get a wide range of other items within your news feed, including music videos, meme images, and general news and events.

Plus, having this page pop up will remind you that, come the 22nd of May, no matter what you are normally doing, it is fully appropriate to dress up as a goth for the day.

This German language page bills itself as a fan-zeine for Gothic, EDM, and Cyber Industrial events.

What you will get if you start following this one is a listing of all of the different things that are happening in Germany within the gothic music scene.

Additionally, and this is great if you can’t attend the events yourself, you also get photography of these events, meaning that you can also have a little stalk to see what other people are wearing in the scene lately.

Gothic Culture

A general news website, this one is also pretty heavy on modeling photos, meaning that as well as the usual band and music announcements, you will also see a lot of shots of gothic models, giving you inspiration for your next outfits.

The Spooky Vegan

You should follow this page even if you aren’t a Vegan. If you are, you should be following this page already.

Based in America, this is the Facebook page for the blogger who calls herself “The Spooky Vegan.” This means that as well as the usual posts you can get about the life style of being Gothic, you also get some great food tips as well.

Another German Facebook page, this one focuses on the festivals that happen around the area.

As well as a great way to discover what’s happening in the home of EDM, this is another great page to go to to look at concert pictures. Chances are, if there was an event that has happened within the Baden-W├╝rttemberg area, and sometimes further afield in Germany, the guy from Dark will have already been there.

Morbid Anatomy Museum

If you are interested in the whole “Memtro Mori” side of being a goth, there is (almost, see below) no greater page for you to follow than the Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Already a sight to behold if you happen to be in Brooklyn, the Morbid Anatomy museum are very active online. Their mission goal is to share “the interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture” and their posts are full of various different images of their exhibitions, as well as the history behind them. They will also occasionally post great pieces of gothic art from other sources as well.

The Order of the Good Death

And this is the other great Facebook to page for those who are interested in the “morbid” way of life.

The mission of the owner behind this page, Caitlin, is to help people to confront death. That is, accepting it will happen and celebrating the act of dying as a necessary part of what makes life what it is.

Caitlin herself is a Mortician, and will regularly post about past and current funeral practices, allowing you to see how different cultures and people deal with the act of dying. In a way, the page is very uplifting to actually see, as it fills you with hope and choices for how you to can Order your death to be good.

Dunkel Welle

Another heavy-on-the-german Facebook fan page. This is one that focuses on scene news, concert reports, reviews, and events.

If you can read German, or hit the google translation button often when this apge appears, you will be treated to knowing everything about when new videos and albums come out, when the biggest bands are touring, and when all the big Germany events are happening.


And of course, this list can not be complete without mentioning what could be the biggest true gothic Facebook page; that of Wave-Gothik Treffen.

The absolute biggest gothic meetup on the calendar, this page posts in both English and German. The biggest reason to keep it within your News feed? So you have a constant, up to date reminder of when exactly it’s going to be happening (typically middle of may every year) so you can prepare yourself with tickets and travel.

(Header Image By FACEBOOK(LET) (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons).

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