Gothic Piercing Names and Types

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It is no surprise that many Goths have different pieced body mods. After all, part of getting into the goth culture is having an appreciation for the control of both your personalty, and your own appearance.

The reason for getting piercings can vary quite a bit. Some may get them because of the aesthetic choice, whereas others for the experience of getting them done.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of different kinds of gothic piercings out there. For example:

Ear Tunnels

Ear Tunnels

Possibly the most enduring and common kind of gothic piercing. The ear tunnel, also sometimes called a flesh tunnel is when the earlobe is stretched out slightly. The term Ear Tunnel is usually preferred because it is also possible to apply stretching to other pierced areas of the body.

Firstly, a normal piercing is done. And then, a taper is used gradually to stretch out the ear. A taper is typically a shark tooth looking piece of equipment, where the narrow end is inserted through the ear and slowly pushed through.

The Labret Piercing

The Labret Piercing

This is the piercing that appears between the chin and the lips. Of this, the snake-bite style of piercing is also a very close cousin.

Although the typical look is to use a single rounded stud, there are of course many different styles that can be given. Some gothic owners of this piercing, for example, will use a spike.

Another one that many people with this kind of piercing will use is a hoop, especially when they have snake bites that line up close to the lips.

The Spider Bite

The Spider Bite

A very close cousin to the Labret Piercing. This one is, once again, on the lips, but this time at the far end on the corners. This one is also sometimes called a Double Hoop Lip Piercing.

Although you can use balled studs for these, the most typical one to do is to instead have a series of rings, thus the “spider bite” aspect of it.


Septum PiercingThis is the
piercing that sits inside of the nose. Typically done as a closed ring, semi open ring is also possible, as are two beads peaking out between each nostril.

If you want to get this one done yourself, and I’m taking second hand information here cause I haven’t had this one done myself yet, then the pain is comparable to having any other part of your nose done.

The Medusa Piercing

The Medusa PiercingAnother great piercing, this one sits on the ridge of the mouth, between the nose and the lips.

Probably not best seen on mustached guys (unless they want to shave just that area completely every single day), this piercing is also sometimes called a “Philtrum piercing.” Again, a simple ball is the most common thing you will see in the gothic word, but a small spike is always possible (as it always is in any area of goth).

The Bridge Piercing

The Bridge Piercing

Sitting at the very top of the nose, right between the eyes, this is the piercing that appears to go all the way though the nose.

There are two ways of doing this piercing, one of which is as a surface piercing. This is the kind of piercing that can be rejected by the body. That is, the body is used to expelling foreign objects out of itself. As a surface piercing, having a Bridge Piercing done carries a real risk of this happening.

Image Credits:

Septum Piercing By SuicideGirls from Los Angeles, CA, USA (Roach) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Medusa Piercing By GorillaWarfare (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Bridge Piercing by Zelina (Own Work)[CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia Commons.

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