Handling Goth Clubs in Germany

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Ah, Germany. The land of great EDM bands, of Rammstein, and of one amazing goth culture scene. After all, this IS the place where Wave Goth Treffen, the world’s biggest goth meetup, happens.

No matter what time you travel to Germany, however, there are some things you might want to know about German Goth Clubs before you enter one, some things that might seem a little bit odd if you haven’t been to one before.

(And personally, my recommendation out of all of Germany for a club to go to is Super Schwarzes, in Mannheim, but this advice should hold true no matter where you go; Leipzig, Berlin, Munich, or even a club in a tiny village somewhere).

ID: Highly recommended

It might feel a bit uncomfortable going out with your passport, but it is heavily recommended that you bring a form of recognisable ID out with you. Chances are, they will check on the door, even though clubs might even admit up to 16 year olds. The penalties for letting in someone age, or letting them drink in a club, are so harsh in Germany that it’s a lot safe for club owners to check everyone, and reject anything that looks suspicious.

Try to make an effort

Maybe more than other parts of the world, most of the time German Goth Clubs expect you to have made some form of effort in the appearance. Although this may seem slightly against the idea of goth being an opening and welcoming community, no matter what people choose to wear, this is more for the safety of people who visit the club. It’s too often that someone who is disrespectful of the scene will go in.

That’s not to say you have to be wearing grands worth of PVC and latex. Just try to look like you are going to a goth club, even if it is black jeans and a band T-shirt.

Expect to pay a deposit on all drinks

Once you are in, and head to the bar, you may be confused why you have spent up to two euros more on your drink than the listed price and received some kind of token.

This is the “Pfand” or deposit token, and is part of how Germany manages to stay so clean and on top of the world in terms of recycling.

Basically, just keep hold of your bottle, glass, plastic bottle, or whatever container you have been given your drink in. When you go to get a new one, simply put that container on the bar counter, and you won’t be charged the deposit money again.

At the end of the night, if you manage to keep the bottle and be sober enough to remember, your reward is being able to take the container to the bar along with your Pfand token, and get your money back.

And speaking of getting drunk:

German’s are more constrained with Alcohol

German’s seem to have this amazing capacity to drink a lot, including for Sunday lunches and all day, without getting stupid or suffering when it comes to the morning.

Being stupid because you are drunk, or drinking too the point of passing out and vomiting, is a big no-no in Germany, no matter where you are; goth club, beer hall, or in fact, anywhere.

So, keep it constrained. Remember, that German beer might be stronger than you are used to drinking.

Thankfully, with this attitude, German’s are also never negative when someone doesn’t drink, or chooses to have a non-alcoholic drink after a few alcoholic beverages.

Indoor Smoking Areas

And lastly, which can either be a blessing or a curse depending on where you fall, depending on what area of the country you are in, indoor smoking may be permitted.

There are a few rules about where indoor smoking areas can be put up, at least in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. For example, it must be possible for people to be able to visit the bar without having to pass through the smoking area.

But, yep, despite many other countries banning it, it is possible for many Germans to light up cigarettes inside while inside the goth clubs. Thankfully, it is also completely possible to avoid the smoke if you do not want to join the smoking crowd.

(Header Image By Jez Kabanov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr)

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