Hanging around older generation goths as a younger goth

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When you move to a new city and start going to goth meetups, and you consider yourself “young”, you might find yourself feeling a bit of an age gap between you and the other Goths in the scene.

Or maybe you are just getting into all of this “goth” business thing, and have just stumbled upon your first group in your home town.

You might be firmly of the belief that goth is for life, and not just a phase, but this might be the first time that you have really encountered it properly.

And you might be asking yourself how you should react.


Top and foremost, be your complete self.

After all, isn’t that part of the point of being a goth? To be your genuine self, in all different situations? You should feel be confident to present your thoughts, feelings and personalty to a group of people within your interest bracket, even if you feel that that they all have quite a few years on you.

After all, chances are that they have thought and felt similar things to you. And they might even feel guilty. If they are truly that much older, then they were probably goth at such a time when it wasn’t a thing, or accepted, at all. They might even feel a little bit jealous with you.

Learn from their experience

Moving to a new city has a lot of challenges involved with it. Especially around knowing where to go on evenings out, what activities there are to do, and meeting new people.

However, you have just found a group of people who have been though all of that, and know exactly where to go, what there is to do, and well, as for meeting people, you’ve just found them.

Realise that age is all relative anyway

After all, there are people who act like they are 60 at the ripe old age of 18, and people the age of 60 who still go to bright neon techno raves.

Age is all relative, just like the old adages. Hell, you might even feel older than what you actually are as well.

So, just go into it with this kind of mindset. That, just like incognito goths, what they present as might not be who they truly are on the inside.

Find out about great music you may have missed

Again, if they are really that much older, they may know about a bunch of great music that you have never experienced before, simply because they were around when they were becoming popular (within the scene).

Hell, some of them might even have demo tapes of bands that are “just your jam” that have played maybe three tiny shows before being disbanded.


Probably only second to being normal, the last point is to just simply enjoy their company. Take them as they are; people. Don’t let the age thing be an excuse as to why to not feel the joy of speaking to and discovering another person.

So, sit back, have a beer or a glass of wine (if that is your thing), laugh, and be merry. After all, one day, you might be the “older” goth faced with someone quite younger.

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