How to find like minded goths in your area

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When you first get into the goth way of life, you might find it difficult to find like minded people to hang out with. Of course, once you find them, things become a lot easier. The gothic community is well known for being open, warm and friendly.

It’s just getting there first.

You might also find it a struggle if you have moved to a new town. After all, it’s hard enough to just meet anyone when you move, let alone people with similar interests and a similar world view to you.

So, how can you help this process along? Well… and Internations

One of the first ports of calls is to take a look to see if there are any goth meetups on either of these two websites. These tend to be the best places to go generally when you are in a new city and are looking for people in the new place. With these two websites, you will be able to find both people who have also moved to the new city, as well as those who are natives to wherever you have moved to.

Search terms you will want to try are “goth”, “gothic” and, if you have moved to a German city, “schwarz”

Facebook Groups

The next step is to take a little gander at Facebook. The search box at the top isn’t just useful for looking at the profiles of people. You can type in search terms, plus your city name, to take a look for groups in your local area.

After you have typed in your search term, click on “See all search results for…”, and then you can select groups at the top.

Another great trick with Facebook is to take a look at the events that are happening in your area. You can do this in very much the same way.

Set up your own group

Of course, if you can’t find anything, another great option would be to set up your own group.

You can use either Facebook or Meetup for this, although there is a small fee to pay for listing something on Once you have set up something, then would be getting the word out. With Meetup, an email is automatically sent to people in the surrounding area. However, on Facebook you will have to do a bit of your own work, such as by posting a link to the meetup in groups for your local state or, if you have a general meetup group for your new city, into there.

Go to events

And of course, another great way to make friends with those in the community is to just simply go to the same music events. Once again, the Goth Community is typically warm and friendly, no matter where you go. This means that you will have no problems with going alone and also making friends there and finding plenty of people to talk to. In fact, this is one of the best ways to have an instant jump start to your social life.

Dating Websites

Another way to find people is to use dating sites, such as OK Cupid.

Now, don’t fear, I’m not suggesting that you have to find a lover to be able to make friends. Instead, many of these websites are also set up to allow you to easily find people who are just looking for friends. Simply search for the kinds of music you like within the goth community, or all of the typical goth keywords (such as, well, goth) and start messaging people to make friends.

(Header Image By Danny Sotzny [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons).

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