How to tell if that goth guy is into you, and how to ignore it

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You’ve seen him. Maybe he’s wearing a tight leather top that shows off his muscles just the right way. Or maybe he is has managed to apply makeup in such a way that makes him both look enchanting and masculine. Or maybe he has the most amazing beard ever.

Whatever it is, you think he might be interested in you. And you are looking for ways to tell. You are in luck! Hot tips for working out if he is, and how you can completely ignore them:

He looks you up and down

Ah, the male gaze. How many books and feminist pieces has been written on this. But, you can’t take this as a sure sign that he is interested in you. Maybe he does that to everyone. Or maybe he’s just checking out your goth clothing and thinking about how he can emulate it in a masculine way. It’d be best to ignore it and not show any interest.

He offers to buy you a drink

Ah, a moment you have seen in many movies. He asks you directly and plainly if he can get you a drink.

However, of course, he might not be 100% interested in you. It may be that he’s just seen that you are thirsty. Or thinks you look hot. No, not in that way. You aren’t that great. Hot as in you have been sweating too much and is offering you something to help you rehydrate.

It is best to take him up on his offer, after all you don’t want to seem rude, but order something non-alcoholic. You don’t want to give into your lustful and uncivilised urges do you?

He asks you for your number

And he even asks when he can call you. Awesome! Great! But, stop and think for a moment. Maybe he is new in town and is looking for some friends. Or even worse, maybe he is even in a relationship, and not in the open kind. From here, your best response is to give it out. If you want, you can even give him a fake number. After all, that might be what he is expecting, and you don’t want to disappoint him, do you?

He starts grinding his crotch against you.

Oh my! This is what EDM music is made for, isn’t it?

But before you too get all excited (and possibly as excited as you can feel he is), you still need to stop and consider for a few moments. Maybe this is his preferred way of dancing. Or maybe he is practicing for the next person that comes his way. It’s possibly best to reciprocate in kind, and don’t do anything unless he leads you to do so.

He invites you to Netflix Horror and Chill

Ah, the night has ended. You are still talking, and he offers you the chance to go back to his and watch some corny horror movies on Netflix and Chill.

But, you need to consider something here. Maybe he hasn’t quite got the meaning of the phase and is actually looking to relax with someone after a hard night’s clubbing. It’s best to go to his and wait for his signal. And of course, the only signal you can be sure of is if he says “Let’s enter a committed relationship.”

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