Oddities – The Unappreciated Goth Show

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Oddities – The unappreciated goth show

One show that you might have missed out on, because it is in such an unusual place for good television, is the great show Oddities.

This show aired in the USA on both the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel, and aired between 2010 and 2024.

Similar to “Pawn Stars”, “American Pickers” and other such shows, Oddities follows an antique store. However, what makes this particular store special are the kinds of artifacts that it deals in. We’re talking Victorian medical equipment, taxidermy animals, and skulls from various different species.

The focus of the show is on it’s customers, but what makes this show so much different from others of it’s ilk is that the customers are never, ever, made fun off.

Occasionally you do get a famous person on the show, such as Dita Von Teese, Jonathan Davis from Korn, or even the musician Moby (who has a penchant for earth globes), but it is the every day and yet regular customers that make the show particularly special.

Oddities may not just describe the items themselves, but the cast of customers that drift in and out of the shop. The show is never shy about allowing these people to display their unique quirks. But, no matter who they are, wherever they are the kind of person who gets excited over being told that a new dissection table has come in just for them, the show shows them as any show would show a normal person on the street. That is, despite the “strangeness” of the characters, they are treat just like anyone else on TV. In fact, if not, even better as normally even normal people on these kinds of shows are manipulated. Here, the show just seems to be showing the different kinds of humanity in all of it’s forms, and it’s really refreshing to see in such a show.

Props have to be given to the owners of “Obscura Antiques & Oddities”, the shop which is focused on during the TV series. Owned by a couple, Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson, one other great thing to do during this show is to watch the level of rapport that they both have with all of their customers.

And of course, the actual items that are shown are amazing. It is impressive to see how the shop owners manage to track down all of the “oddities” that they have in their possessions.

If anything, one of the problems of watching this show is that you might be tempted to either start buying a lot of things online or to take a trip up to Obscura Antiques & Oddities up in New York to spend a large amount of your hard earned money.

There are plenty of clips (legal from both The Discovery Channel and The Science Channel) of Oddities on YouTube. For a quick example, before you go off to find other great oddities clips, check out this clip of the always wonderful Laura Flook discovering a very unusual item in the shop:

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