On Being an Older Goth

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Being an old goth

“It’s just a phase”, is something the sixteen year old goth will hear from his parents when they are in their bedroom, listening to such dark and depressing bands as The Cure.

But, for many, it isn’t a phase that is grown out of. In fact, the things that attract people to the goth scene, the love of art, the want to express yourself creativity (wherever that’s wearing all black, or just making your own clothes) are actual personality traits, and there is no reason for that to disappear once you are older.

This is something that The Guardian (A UK Paper) has written about as well. If you are a member of the goth subculture you are more likely to still be a part of it when you have gotten a little bit wiser in the years.

Of course though, as pointed out, there are still the demands that are placed on you as an adult that may not be compatible with the way of doing the goth culture you might have done when you were younger.

In jobs, you might not be able to have your brightly coloured hair. You might feel watched picking up kids from the school. And can you really afford to spend out some more money on that great PVC outfit you saw?


Friendships are forged when you are a goth

The main reason that anyone stays in the sub culture is because of the friendships that are maid. And of course, your friends aren’t exactly going to stop seeing you if you decide to duck out of the scene, but you might miss out on meeting new people who are into the same interests as you. Also there is absolutely nothing stopping you from enjoying exactly the same things you did a few years ago. Adulthood isn’t about leaving “childish things” behind. It’s about knowing when to participate in those “chilidsh” things and when to put on the responsible mask.

And everywhere is still welcome to have the older generation in there. Meetup groups? They don’t care about what age you are. Clubs? The older generation goes to them all the time. Being a goth, at any age, is awesome.

Are you really going to change your music taste because you are older

If the thing that has attracted you to the goth lifestyle in the first place is the music, why should that change just because you’ve added a few years to your age?

There is nothing magical about having a family, a house, a car, that says that you have to reject all of your former loves and passions and instead focus purely on these one things. Hell, if you do have kids, how much better would it be for their children to see the person their parents are, instead of seeing them as some kind of blank slate of a responsibility figure?

When you get older, you might even enjoy the goth style more

One of the better things about being an older goth is that, if you have been in the scene before, you probably know everything about who you are in it. You know what you like to wear. You know where you like to go, who you like to go there with, and what makes you comfortable.

There isn’t any need to reject all of that learning just because you are worried that your age is now telling you that the goth life style isn’t for you. Why not go out there and carry on enjoying it with all of your new experience?

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