Positive Goth TV Show Characters

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It is sometimes hard to find positive characters on television shows. Many TV programs are still stuck on the view point that they are a stereotype, and will show cliché plots. Many crime shows and made for TV movies are terrible for this, with the plots tending to go through the cliché stereotypes that everyone is now tired off.

But, thankfully, there are some positive characters you an find if you look hard enough, such as:

Abby Sciuto – From NCIS

From one really mainstream program, one hopes that Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, has done a lot to help the image of goths.

Although she does have the interest in the macabre, what sets Abby apart from most other portrayals found on television, especially in crime shows, is that she plays to the perky goth stereotype. That is, she’s hyperactive, chatty, and incredibly happy. It’s beautiful to see a main stream program finally discover this interesting character type.

And she’s not really seen as the oddball member of the team either. Sure, occasionally people take digs at her, but in the same way they take digs at everyone else. She’s seen as, and is, a valuable member of the team.

Another great thing for a TV program, it also breaks the mold (maybe started by the craft) that all goths are into Wicca or are atheists, with Abby being a Roman Catholic. And this isn’t seen as an important part of her personality at all. Just something that fits into the background of who she is and what she is without detracting from the cool, happy, and friendly person that she is.

Richmond Avenal – From The IT Crowd

Ah Richmond. Played by the fashionable, confusing Noel Fielding. If Abby breaks the goth tropes, then Richmond takes them and brings them all the way up to eleven in an affectionate parody of the goth culture.

He lives in a dark closet, and went to a funeral decked out in the nines in goth gear and gave the bereaved a Cradle of Filth CD. “It sounds horrible, but it’s really quite beautiful!”

Considering how Noel Fielding is a barometer of popular culture, and has said that he listens to a lot of dark wave music, it is obvious that the ribbing of Richmond comes from a place of love and understanding.

Sam Manson – From Danny Phantom

A great character for a cartoon show that often has the theme of acceptance running through it, Sam Manson is identified as a goth through her own self labelling.

The music she is shown listening to is a faithful recreation of the typical goth songs, meaning that, once again, it’s very much a character that has been written fro an avenue of knowledge instead of filling in a character with a stereotype.

One thing she does have though, which the other characters on this list miss in their cherry attitude, is a bitting sense of sarcasm. Although not shown as a clichéd depressed person, she does demonstrate more of what many would believe to be a gothic personality throughout the series, including showing that she’s artistic, individual, and comfortable in presenting her true self to the world.

Additionally, she has her flaws, which is important for any character. She’s not just painted as an amazing person, but instead also given extra dimensions of being hypocritical at times, as well as sometimes unwilling to take the blame for things.

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