Professions and Jobs Suitable For Goths

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A lovely quote is “I’d rather regret a tattoo I had when I was eighteen, than regret the choice of career that everyone else pushed on me to make when I was 18.”

Of course, finding your ideal profession shouldn’t just be about which social group you are a part of. Instead, it really needs to be something that you can see yourself enjoying, or that allows you to live your life in the way you want it to do.

With that it mind, here is a (somewhat) humorous look at what professions might be most suitable for the goth in you.

Call Centre Work

What the hell do people care what you look like, when you won’t be face to face with them anyway? Of course, you’ll have to find a place, if you are demanding to wear your gothic appearance to work, that doesn’t have any stupid, non-nonsensical (for telephone staff) dress code rules.

Graphic Artist

In the age of the Internet, graphic designer are in very, very high demand.

After all, websites have to get their graphics and designs from somewhere. No longer is doing art a choice you make at university that might end up meaning that you go no where in life. Every major firm has a website, and you can find yourself slotting right into employment in them.

Of course, it is also expected that true artists are a little bit “kooky”, so if being goth to you is all about the fashion, then you really should wear your fashions to work. After all, it’d actually be abnormal in this profession not to.

A freelancer (of anything)

And of course, you could always choose to enter a career where you get to make your own choices about what you wear and what you look like. Why? Because you are your own boss.

The art interests of many goths are prefect for these kinds of careers. For example, if you skills are in writing, you can always freelance as either a copy-writer or as a web content expert.

And you might not ever have to see one of your clients face to face! Although, of course, being a good freelancer is also about good networking, chances are that most of your client communication will happen via email, phone calls, or Skype.

Cool-bar worker

More and more bars are popping up that cater towards a slightly more alternative audience. Of course, a dream job would be to get a place in such a location.

Not only are you probably gonna be expected to come to work in awesome clothes, but you also get to mingle with and meet like minded people during the course of your working days.

If you are a social goth, and don’t shy away from people, what could be better?

Professional DJ

Okay, so you will have to search hard and far to find clubs you can DJ in, and it might even take quite a bit of time to actually, you know, learn how to DJ. But, in what other job could your amazing knowledge of music be put to a greater use?

And of course, after your set is over, you’d also get to mingle and party with the rest of the crowd.


Do you know how to make your own clothing with a sewing machine? Well, then maybe a career in textiles is for you.

And of course, just like being an graphics designer, it would almost be expected of you to dress up slightly differently to everyone else.

This means that not only could you dress just the way, but you could actually spend your days making all of the clothes you want to make. How brilliant would that be?

Forensic Scientist at a Criminal Investigative Service

Hey, if Abby Sciuto can get away with it, so can you.

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