Review of Super Schwarzes Mannheim

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Super Schwazes Mannheim is a goth club event that happens on the first Saturday of every month in Mannheim, Germany. Let me preface with what could be the biggest endorsement of a club event ever. It was part of my decision to move, as an British Expat, from Munich to Mannheim.

It’s that good.

The location is pretty amazing

Situated outside of the town centre, yet still easy to get to, Super Schwarzes Mannheim has a pretty damn sweet location.

Part of the good ting about the location, as elitist as it is to say it, is that it is unlikely that people who aren’t interested in the scene will take the time to travel to it, unlike some other places around.

There is a main tram line that goes straight near to MS Connexion and also by, if you need it, a Deutsche Bank Cashpoint.

Furthermore, this Tram line does carry on running late into the night (although only once an hour after 12:00), so that if you time it right, you can also avoid getting a taxi home.

Every month there is a different, great, gothic band on

With bands from Grausame Töchter, Welle:Erdball, Nachtmahr, Clan of Xymox and Suicide Commando, MS Connexion is also the place for absolutely great live band experiences. Included with each concert ticket is entry to the club event itself.

The crowd is lovelyFive floors of amazing music

With a grand total of five floors, it is impossible to not enjoy the music playing at one particular moment in a club. As I regard my tastes as being quite diverse, I often find myself wandering around to the different areas, and sometimes get stuck choosing which one to remain in.

From an EDM floor, to Darkwave, to harsh metal music, to even general rock, no matter what your tastes are, you will find an area to love.

Unobtrousive smoking area

I am something of an ex-smoker who still enjoys the occasional cigarette every now and then. At Super Schwarzes Mannheim, if you need a fix of nicotine, there are two main areas you can have it in. One, if you require a bit of fresh air, is outside (where you can also find a bit of food). The other is in the club itself. This area is ventilated, and kept away from the bar. Meaning that if you also want to avoid hanging out with the smokers, it is more than possible.


Get peckish during your dancing spree? Not to worry. In the outside smoking area, Super Schwarzes Mannheim also serves food, allowing you to grab a bite to eat. It’s also a perfect place for sitting down and catching up with friends, both new and old, away from the energetic music.

Really, the place to go

If you find yourself in Germany on the first Saturday of the month, you must find a way to get yourself down to Mannheim to experience Super Schwarzes Mannheim. You will not regret it.

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