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Are you planning a wedding that you want to have gothic theme? Imagine it. Throwing out the traditional wedding songs for actual music. Or having your guests have a great time that they haven’t experienced before.

But, with all the traditional websites online, where can you get inspiration from? Well…

Pinterest – Search for Gothic Weddings

One of the simplest ways to quickly view a wide range of inspiration for your gothic themed wedding, simply do a search on Pinterest (or visit this page.

You will find a never ending list of ideas here. Literally. One of the things about Pinterest is that whenever you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it will instantly fill up with even more suggestions. And, when you do find an image that you like, clicking on it will also show you even more pictures for you to view.

Rock N Roll Bride

A famous wedding inspiration blog for all “alternative” weddings, Roch N Roll Bridge is the most famous of alternative wedding blogs. You will see a variety of different styles here, just as long as that style isn’t a traditional white wedding.

As well as ideas for the big day, Rock N Roll bride also gives alternatives for the activities leading up to the wedding; the hen evenings, the stag dos, and sometimes the dates (with some valentines day themed articles.)

As most of the brides do have tattoos though, it is quite easy to get distracted and end up staring at some new ink inspiration instead of love inspiration though.

Offbeat Bride

Similar to Rock N Roll bride is the Offbeat Bride website. On one hand, this website focuses far more on items other than the actual wedding day than Rock n Roll bride. However, on the other hand, this site does also have a lot more rock and goth themed weddings within it’s pages.

There are also very clear categories across the site, meaning that if you are trying to hone down your inspiration search into particular areas, then it is easy to find the category on Offbeat Bride that matches with what you actually want to see.

The Knot

Although there are plenty of “normal” weddings featured on the website, The Knot also has a large section of it’s website devoted to different, unique and cool weddings.

Unlike all the others, there is a completely large range, it’s not just rock, punk, and goth. What about viewing a Harry Potter themed wedding? Or the wedding of a couple who decided to get married in Disneyland?

The presentation of each page is amazing. Very little fluff, and instead, just high quality images.

Your own mind

Of course, the best inspiration for an alternative wedding is your own ideas and your own imagination. Use these websites simply as an idea generator. Your love is unique, so your wedding should be too.

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