Six Accessories that no goth can live without

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When you are involved enough in the sub culture to be sorting out your wardrobe by “Black” and “Slightly Darker Black”, there are quite a few things that you are going to need in your life to be able to survive in the night.

For example:

Lint remover

Not just for people who own pets! You probably do, somewhere, do have stray white pieces of fabric, or can just be walking outside and get flecks of non-black fabric. Or you’re gonna need something to get all of the specks of non-black from your home furnishings. Enter, the lint remover (or lint roller). Peel off a plastic strip, wipe over your clothes, and everything removing the pureness of your black is gone! Plus, keep it handy in your handbag (if you are a lady) and you can help out anyone else who has become covered in deadly non-black substances.

Emergency Craft Wire

It sucks when you are wearing a necklace and it breaks, or one of the chains on your outfit decides to fall apart at an inconvenient moment. You tend to have to put it away somewhere safe until you can get to to a jewelers to repair.

Unless you have some craft wire on hand. Coming in different thickness, you should probably get a small size one for quickly solving these quick emergencies. Simply snap off a bit (a pocket knife also comes in handy for the thicker sizes here), and wrap it around where the missing chain-link would go, and you can wear the chain or necklace again. Plus, you have the ability to repair anything of your friends or other people that break.

Mini Sewing Kit

On a similar note, especially useful for festivals, is the emergency sewing kit. Not every tear and rip is artistic, and some can be pretty embarrassing. Plus, another perfect thing about taking these to a festival such as Wave Goth Treffen; you can quickly meet new people who are also in need of a bit of emergency sewing.

A Lighter, even if you don’t smoke

At the club, a lighter is a great way of making friends, simply pull it out when someone is about to light up. It is also amazing if you have a really unique design, such as this lighter. They are also useful for when stray threads appear on your clothes. When you burn away something loose, instead of snapping it out or using scissors, you also apply a bit of heat to the end of the thread with is left, making the end thicker and stopping it from unthreading any more of your clothing.

A shoe-horn

Ah, the dilemma of having shoes you really like, but are damn difficult to get into. Sure, you can struggle and eventually put your foot into it, but then you can actually really damage the shoe. By using a shoe horn, not only can you make getting ready for a night out a fast and easy process, but you can keep your expensive shoes looking great for longer.

Portable Cat Treats!

What’s the most common pet for a goth? That’s right, a cat. And you know how hard it can be, sometimes, to get those things to love you. Know what cats like? Well, they are just basically tiny balls of people really, so they like what anyone else does, food! Keep some treats on you at all times for those impromptu visits to people, and you can be making new furry friends in no time.

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