Tasteful Gothic Home Decor Ideas

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Having a decent home decor as a goth means more than just having black furniture (or black everything). There are some great ways to have a gothic looking house that is tasteful and restrained (i.e. as opposed to painting skulls and crosses on everything like a cliché scene from a movie).

So, how do you get yourself a nice little classy home decor without falling over into complete cliché? Well…

Gothic Chandelier

The right shade can make all the difference in the world. Nothing is worse than walking into a home and finding out they have taken the student approach to their light fixtures and haven’t got any kind of lamp shade on it.

Think of the kind of chandelier that you might find in a gothic castle, or the kind that you would imagine seeing in the Castlevania kind of games, and you will be on the right kind of track.

The right framed Gothic Pictures

A golden framed picture will add an amazing touch to any room that you hang it up in. If you can’t find a golden frame in a style that you like, you can also always just find any frame and spray paint it gold.

For the picture itself, think of some gothic art. Maybe something by Lois Royo, or even a lovely gothic portrait of someone.

Gothic Mirrors, lots of mirrors

The fastest way to make any room look brighter, and bigger, is to add mirrors to the place. As with pictures, the frames is the most important thing. For a bit of extra colour, you can consider getting a white for silver framed mirror.

Although you can always get the classic oval shape, another great idea is to get a slightly more unusual shape, like an octagonal mirror or a church window shaped one.

Flowers to Brighten up any room

There is some evidence that having plants in a room can help improve the mental health and the air quality of the whole place.

For a gothic decor, think of red. Flowers such as Roses, Cannas and Gazanias.

Of course you want to make sure these flowers are by windows and to take care of them. Even in a gothic house, dead flowers are not a nice thing to find in any place.

Gothic Candle Holders

What’s on your dining room table? The quickest way to get a bit of extra goth charm into this room is to find yourself a very nice candle holder.

Of course, black with red candles is the classic look, so look out for these.

Gothic Curtains

Even if you are in a place that is covered by blinds, curtains are one of the things that can instantly add extra style and class to any kind of room.

Think of elegant black, deep velvets or dark purples as the kinds of curtains you will want to find for your place.

Get the right cutlery

When you are entertaining guests, why not make sure that your cutlery also matches the aesthetic that you are going for.

Having the right kind of wineglasses, knives and forks will help you out when your house is ready to have guests over.

(Header Image By Deror_avi (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons).

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