The types of beards you will see on Gothic Men

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It seems that beards are once again very much in vogue among men. Growing facial hair, of course, has always been popular amongst certain types, but it really seems to have exploded. And the general public reaction seems to have been good. Hell, there are even Dating Apps devoted to people looking for those with beards.

When you go out to goth events, or go to goth stores, you are likely to see many different men with beards. Well, other than the first type of course:

The clean-shaven goth man

These goths have bucked the current trends and have decided that they much prefer the clean look, so completely shaven, without even a single trace of facial hair.

What are these goths likely wearing? Probably elegant clothing, think of a nice gothic shirt and coat. Or maybe the standard band style jeans and t-shirt.

Ths starting out to grow goth guy

The facial hair hasn’t been defined by anything yet. It’s just there, growing, maybe after three days of goth or if the goth man is really unlucky with his hormones, full months.

It hasn’t been shaped quite yet because he is still discovering exactly how the hair is going to grow, and also maybe even just exploring as to what even a small amount of hair looks like on him.

Although it may look quite, well for lack of a better term, ugly, he is still to be pitied and admired. It’s quite hard after making the decision to grow facial hair to stick with it until such a moment as you can be proud of the new growth. After all, if you get a mark on your face, such as a pen mark, the temptation is to get it off of your face as soon as possible. To keep that mark on your face that ruins your appearance for a while takes a bit of courage.

The Unkempt Beard

The Lumberjack look. When the guy probably looks in the mirror every day, thinks “I should really trim this”, decides otherwise, and has been doing this for the last five years of his life.

This is typically followed in the goth circles with a fashion of black hoodies, or sometimes even viking like clothing.

One of the advantages of this look is that it is very low maintenance. The disadvantage of this look is that it is very obvious that this look requires no maintenance.

The trimmed goatee wearer

This is the guy who makes sure that his cheeks are perfectly shaved, but has instead decided to grow a vertical shaft of hair somewhere around his chin.

This kind of beard style can look very good with the right kind of face shape, and yet very very bad on the wrong kind of person. It also very much depends on how much facial hair has grown on the affected area, and how uniform this growth has been.

The best maintenance these kind of guys can do is some very careful trimming, to get all the hairs as even as possible. And of course, to be very careful when shaving the other sides of their face that they don’t over reach and start attacking the well-kempt shape of their goatee.

The dreaded beard goth

These are the ones who have decided that the kind of tribal look will probably go well for them.

The amount of braids that has been done on their hair should depend on a number of factors, but really comes down to two main ones; how many beard beads they have been bothered to buy, and how much hair they have managed to grow from their testosterone.

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