Top 16 Gothic Clothing Brands

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One way to make sure that you are always buying quality goth fashion is to be aware of what brands to look out for.

All of the brands featured in this guide are worn by goths around the world, and are perfect for to hunt out and include within your wardrobe.

Bat Attack

This brand sells a variety of different black clothing. Although red is sometimes featured in terms of their punk clothing, on the whole, this brand only uses one single colour for it’s coats, trousers, tops, kilts and tops. Black.

New Rock

There are shoe companies. And then there is New Rock.

The gold standard. Or maybe that should be silver, as metal predominates the design of their shoes.

New Rock shoes mean complete and utter business. And once you buy a pair you pretty much have them for life. Hard to damage, and easy to take care of. I’d even say that for some people, their New Rock shoes are more important than the child of the house!

They do men, womens, and kids shoes, as well as a distinct range of vegan gothic shoes.

Alchemy Gothic

I can assure you, that there is no gothic person in England who hasn’t heard of Alchemy Gothic, and no one who wanted a piece from them, wherever it be jewellery, some clothing, or an ordainment for their home.

The Alchemy Gothic T-shirts lines are perfect to put on underneath a gothic netted top, but where the company really shines is their jewellery. All of the Alchemy Gothic jewellery is perfect to highlight your look, no matter what you are wearing.


Although Demonia may not quite have the name recognition of New Rock, their shoes are of just as great quality, and also look amazingly stylish. And without as high of a price tag as is associated with New Rock.

Offering both male and female shoes, the female shoes are where Demonia particularly shine, with stylised metal heels and an awesome, aggressive and yet feminine styled goth look.

For the ethically conscious shopper, Good Goth have cruelty free clothing and cosmetics.

Focusing on the female shopper, GoodGoth has kindness at it’s core.

One of the greatest features of Good Goth is also their mystery bags, that will provide you with a random item of clothing in your size. You don’t know what it will be. Other than that it will be awesome. If clothing is too much of a risk for you, (even though why would it be at $15), then you can also choose to have a mystery accessory or cosmetic bag sent to you.

They also have a specialised section on their website for plus sizes, meaning that it is also a great place to go if you struggle to find things that fit you well.

Lip Service

Nothing to do with the television series, Lip Service is a punk and rock based brand, with some slight Gothic Lolita influenced clothing around the brand as well.

A lot of the clothing is simply pure… well, hotness in thread (or leather, latex, PVC) form. They also do clothing for both men and women, and each item, no matter what the gender or style, is sure unabashed hotness.

Lip service was started by “Drew Bernstein”, who had a simple mission when he started the company. “Make a statement with your clothes.” Well, Lip Service does just that.

Queen of Darkness

There are four categories t the Queen of Darkness homepage: Gothic Women, Gothic Men, Gothic Plus Sizes and Gothic Accessories.

Selling wholesale to many shops, Queen of Darkness none the less also hosts an online store that allows you to buy, and view, the amazing clothing that you can get to own.

For men, the best way to describe their clothing is clean, understated, yet impactful and bold.

For women, the same holds true, with an extra sheen and gloss of seduction. Net and lace make up a subtle, yet bold component of many of the items they sell and make.


Possibly the most common clothing you will see if you go to a goth club in Germany, Aderlass clothing is well famed for being hard wearing, high quality, and high in fashion.

Making clothes for both men and women, the clothing line screams “goth” loud and into your face. Chains, hooks, straps and steel are a large component of many of their items.

If you are a man looking for a blazer, Aderlass will have you covered. If you are looking for any clothing, male or female, then Aderless is also very likely to have you covered.

Spiral Direct

A company based in the UK, Spiral Direct are best described with one simple word, that can be used as a noun and adjective for their clothing: Metal. Spiral Direct are so far into the metal end of goth that I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer their staff extra benefits for all the head banging they must be compelled to do in the office while working in such a metal place.

They make a delightfully dark range of both men and female clothing, with the women side showing a slightly softer hippie and pagan side, along side all of the metal.

If you have a child, Spiral Direct also do offer a delightful children’s section.

Phaze Clothing

I personally own a S&M style top from these guys, and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

Selling a little bit more towards the S&M and fetish side of life, Phaze Clothing are absolutely amazing. Even if you aren’t into that particular side of the Goth fashion, Phaze clothing also offer a large range of steampunk inspired clothing, as well as more “ordinary” looking goth.

But if you are looking for S&M Styled clothing, whereas as a male, female (or anything else), wherever you want the clothing to only have a hint of the S&M or be fully blown into that area, Phaze Clothing has you completely covered.


Subtle Cyber and Cyber Punk is the goal of Sektor 1 clothing. Where there would be chains, you have plastic tubing (typically black). Where there is a chance to have tartan, instead you have binary. Where there is a chance to have a hint of colour, it is a neon colour such as bright yellow.

Instead of buttons or zips, think of plastic buckles.

In a way, Sektor1 style clothing is the perfect one to pick if you are thinking of launching head first into the cyber fashion, as it allows you to get into it cheaply and without going into the deep end straight away. However, their hoodies can go really well with many different styles of goths. One item of Sektor1 clothing in your wardrobe can completely multiply the number of outfits you have.


Specialising in Victorian and Gothic Lolita style clothing, Drac-In-A-Box is perfect for all of your romantic goth needs.

Selling both male and female clothes, this is another great shop to go to if you are looking for steam punk style stuff, as part of the joy in Steam punk is the mixing of the Victorian style with modern day and brass sensibilities.

Of particular note to watch out for by this brand are the corsets. Although an understated part of their range, all of their corsets are of amazing quality and will last you years.

Raven SDL

Raven SDL are from the UK, and were one of the first companies to start making clothing for a gothic audience. This means that when you start buying this brand, you are actually going back to the roots of the gothic fashion style.

Because of this, their clothing is, yep, pretty much all black with a few chains and straps here and there. What you can get with Raven SDL is a very subtle gothic look.

Of particularly high value with Raven SDL are the pinstriped clothing they make, which at once looks professional and as goth as hell while you are wearing them.

Black Pistol

The number one brand for trousers, pants, kilts and dresses, both men’s and women’s, Black Pistol is an amazing, and yet still cheap, gothic fashion brand.

The Black Pistol ethos is to allow everyone to afford goth style clothing, but that doesn’t mean that they have compromised on the materials. My own Black Pistol clothing is still going strong after years of heavy use.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this brand is all about the bottom half though, They do also make a range of tops and coats, it is just that Black Pistol particularly shine in dressing up your bottom half.

Kreepsville 666

Are you into the horror look? Maybe as a horrorbilly, or horror punk, or horror rock person? Then look no further than Kreepsville 666.

Taking all of its cues from what we all love about the 1950’s, horror movies, and Bettie Page, Kreepsville focus very much on the fun side of this kind of horror attitude.

Of particular note are their amazing accessories, especially their skull bags!

Cyber dg

The Mecca of Camden Town in London, Cyberdog are one of the oldest companies that have been making clothes for Cyber Goths, Ravers, and everyone in between.

Everyone who likes neon lights, the brightness of dancing, and never ending parties wants, or owns, an item of Cyber Dog Clothing in their wardrobes.

Cyberdog have such a unique, unseen else where before style that the moment you put it on, people will know exactly what brand it is.

Header Image By Sherrie Thai (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

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