Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work

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One of the great joys of having an office job is to be able to decorate your cubicle or your desk in exactly the way you want to.

If you are comfortable showing your more “spooky” side to the people you work with, you might want to consider these great little figures and other office cubicle items to help show a side of your personality at work.

Any of these “Neil Gaiman’s Death” figurines

Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work death sandman 1Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work <a href=Death The Sandman 2″ width=”93″ height=”225″ />Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work Death The Sandman 3

The best of all of the fictional Goths. All of these Sandman’s Death figures are absolutely perfect display pieces for your desk.

Each one has been made to a very very high quality, with a lot of detail on it, ensuring that you will never ever get bored of looking at them.

And, they are also very tasteful; they show off your fandom and your gothicness in a very subtle way without being incredibly over the top.

Pop Movies – Pinhead Hellraiser Figurine

Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work Pinhead

Awww, look at that? Aint that the cutest little pinhead that you have ever seen?

The Pop figurines, by FunKo, have become some of the most popular collectible items. They license figures from across a range of different properties, including many horror icons (Maybe you are more of a Freddy Kruger fan? or a Jason Voorhees?)

So, by purchasing this, you can have the cutest little guardian to the entrance of ultimate pain and pleasure sitting at your office cubicle with you.

Gothic Stapler – Gargoyle Stapler

Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work Gargoyle Stapler

Ah, the most essential of office supplies, the stapler. There is never one around when you need it. They seem to get lost, somehow more often than pens and post-it notes.

Yet, with this behemoth of a stapler, not only will you never lose it, but when you are stapling papers together you can do it with gothic elegance.

Having a glass of whisky and a cravat, if permitted by your work space, is heavily recommended.

Gothic Dragon Trinket Box

Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work Dragon Trinket Box

Stop all of your stuff from going missing by having a mythical treasure horde guarding it. Well, paper clips are also an essential thing to keep in the office, aren’t they?

Made out of resin, and yet painted to be in a pewter style, this is still a pretty high quality item.

The small red stone on the books also adds a nice, thematic colour touch to the box.

When you buy it, make sure to note the dimensions (6.8 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches) as it is actually a lot bigger than it appears in the pictures.

Gothic Skull Mug (Or Coffee Tankard)

Top Gothic Desk Ornaments for Work Gothic Skull Mug

Of course, how can you go through the day without a coffee. But drink it form a normal cup, like mere mortals? Nein! What you need is a massive coffee tankard.

With a skull design, and a spinal column for the handle, this mug looks simply awesome. And the metal inside means that it is not just stylish, but also does an amazing job of keeping your coffee as warm as the fires of hell themselves.

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