Top Gothic Latex Models and Pages to Follow

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There are many different models that you can admire as a goth. One fashion comes out on top though. Latex!

It’s not easy to rock the latex look, and it is one of the more expensive goth fashions, but once you manage to get your own individual style down, it is nothing short of amazing. And Latex can be admired by anyone. This is a really good thing if, you example, your partner isn’t a member of the goth community. Latex is the kind of clothing style that looks hot on everyone, and that everyone considers as sexy. Just take a look at how often Latex is used on TV Shows, and in adverts, to show sexyness.

So, for inspiration, brighten up your Facebook feed with these wonderful models:

Ulorin Vex

You might have seen Ulorin Vex already from the activity she has done on the Emilie Autumn stage show. She is pretty much instantly recognisable from her violent red hair.

When you see a latex picture by her, you are also typically given a link to the maker of the outfit, allowing you to get something similar.

And, if you follow Ulorin Vex, you do also occasionally get something a bit extra. Every now and then she will also post artwork that she has worked on via her page.

Bianca Beauchamp

The giant of the latex and cosplay scene, Bianca Beauchamp has a talent for making all of her photo shots not only look sexy, but fun.

For a brief while, she was the face of Elexis Sinclaire from the SiN videos of video games, and has also done a Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider) Cosplay before.

She can also be a pretty controversial figure. Take for example, her quote on the reaction to her deciding to get breast implants. “I think we have to try and understand, not judge. It’s funny how we never judge someone for improving their intellect. Don’t the mind and body form a whole?”

Catherine Black

From the Czech Republic comes model Catherine Black

Not only does she do Latex modeling, but also elegant, fashion style shoots. All of her photos feature a thousand yard stare that draws you into her world, her mindset, and her personality.

Although she is a relative new comer, she has already started winning lots of awards for her modeling.

If you see one of her videos you should also watch it to be able to experience her incredibly cute and wonderful English accent.

Andromeda Latex

Moving away from the models and into creators, Andromeda Latex create, simply amazing Latex creations. Sure, you might need to remortgage your house to be able to afford one, but it’d be worth it!

Of particular note are there series of latex creations based on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Unlike other latex creators, and particularly those focused on in these guides, Andromeda Latex focus on the creative, with sexy coming second. Now, a lot of their outfits are naturally sexy (after all, latex), but there seems to be a real love in creating whole new worlds and people with all of their outfits.

(Header Image By Benoit Champagne (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr)

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