Why does being goth and being Vegan/Vegetarian go hand-in-hand?

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There seems to be a higher prevalence among Goths to be a member of an alternative, often sen as beneficial diet, such as veganism, raw foodism, vegetarianism, or many others. Why is this the case?

Note: This article won’t go into the actual moral implications and arguments for or against going vegan or vegetarianism. Also I am personally a vegan, I believe that most people have already heard all the arguments, and repeating them does no body any good. Instead, this article will only look at why it seems that so many people within the gothic community seem to have this kind of diet.

They are used to going about being criticised

One thing with having a different diet is that everyone else seems to want to comment on it. Even if you only bring it up when necessary, e.g. going to a friend’s dinner party or when ordering food and asked directly, you can be sure that if you have a different diet system than “the norm” then you will be asked about it constantly.

And what sub culture is really good at responding when pointed out that they are going against the norm? Goths.

Due to this, Goths might have an easier time when being a Vegan and Vegetarian to someone who is not used to dealing with people pointing out that they stick out from the crowd though their own choices.

A certain level of awareness

Although, of course, it’s not universally true, on the whole Goths tend to be better informed about things. Many can spend their time thinking about things, so not just consuming information, but thinking about it critically and logically.

With this, it is possible that Goths have just thought more about the implications of eco-friendly diets more, and have thus decided that all of the points make sense. (Of course, you could also use this point for those Goths who aren’t under such a diet. As logic form this point would dictate that they too have thought more about their habits and have come to conclusion that it’s alright.)

They are able to be more true to themselves

One thing that people who do have a non-ecologically friendly diet may report is feeling a state of angst and incongruity over their choices.

However, one of the main tenants of many goth is that it doesn’t matter what you do, or what you dress like, as long as you are true to yourself.

It can be the case that the Goths who are practicing ecological friendly diets are actually those who are happy showing and living with who they actually are.

Plus rejecting meat, or harmful products (depending on your viewpoint of what they are) in a diet is by it’s nature a choice that goes against the norms of society.

So is it any surprise that members of a group that is known for going against norms might also choose a diet that goes against norms?

You need as much energy as possible to keep up with being a goth

By consuming more healthy food, such as fruit and veg, Goths can provide themselves with all of the energy that is needed to perform dances that look very much like the dancer is trying to lay waste to an invisible person by their sides.

Goths might be more likely to stomach death thoughts

At the end of the day, eating meat (if you count this as a harmful substance) requires that an animal, somewhere, is killed for substance.

Goths are also known, if not stereotyped, for having a view point that doesn’t shy away from death thoughts. That is, they might be less likely than the rest of the population to shy away from a video that presents the death of animals, meaning that they are more likely to watch documentaries that show case such things as meat-slaughterhouses.

Following the leads of heroes

There is also something to be said about hero worship.

Emilie Autumn, Heaven Shall Burn, Rob Zombie, The Birthday Massacre, Combichrist, and may others practice either Vegan or Vegetarian diets.

If you accept the sociological view point that many people follow their idols, then this could be another factor that indicates why you might notice that Goths tend to have these kinds of diets.

Goths have a stereotype for being creative

One of the other positive stereotypes about Goths is that they tend to be creative. With this extended beyond painting, writing, or the clothes they wear. This can extend to food as well.

Why is this important? Well, one of the challenges facing many people who have decided to enter environmentally friendly diets is the problem of making food exciting. If you have grown up in mainly meat-eating environments, it is likely that vegetables were only seen as an after thought, something to accompany the main meal, instead of being the meal itself.

To be a Vegan or Vegetarian, you must be really creative with how you cook. Especially if you aren’t used to eating healthy food.

There are more options at goth hotspots

If you go to normal clubs or events, it tends to be that your only options in terms of vegetarian or vegan food might be fries from a burger-van outside the venue.

However, if you go to goth clubs, probably because so many people have requested something vegan or vegetarian, it is much more likely that there will be food near by that caters for these needs.

In fact, one of the most popular food places during the WGT weekend in Leipzig is the Vegan and Vegetarian food stall must outside the Arga and the main market places.

They are exposed to it

And of course, if it’s true that more Goths are vegan or vegetarian when compared to the rest of the population, then this can actually create a feedback loop.

With Goths actually being a pretty social bunch, it is likely that they are going to be hanging out with other people who are also following these kinds of diets. From this, they might be inspired to follow along.

Additionally, they might simply be exposed to more vegan or vegetarian food. when you are visiting someone, they are probably gonna going to be serving you food that they themselves enjoy.

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