Why gothic netted tops are awesome

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A proper netted top is a key accessory in the wardrobe of any goth. Being extremely versatile, these great pieces of clothing are perfect for many different occasions and many different weathers.

How come? Well:

Many different styles

When you are picking your netted top, it is possible to go for many different styles.

For example, you can go for something that is particularly lacy, allowing you to give yourself a regal Victorian come-lingerie style of look.

Or you could go for the argo-tech style look, where the net also contains a variety of different metal hooks and sometimes even chains.

Or you could even go into fetish style wear, buy buying a netted top that has PVC (or fake PVC) finishes around the outside.

Gothic netted tops are great in hot weather

When the sun is shining, you don’t want to tend to wear that many heavy duty clothes or hell, anything that doesn’t breathe at all.

This is where the netted top comes in. You can wear them with just the bare minimum of clothing on underneath. This is especially great if you have a lot of confidence and have no problems with showing those parts of your body.

Gothic netted tops are also great for cold weather

The other amazing thing about gothic netted tops is the amount of layering you can do with them.

One absolutely amazing look to go for is wearing either red or purple underneath. This can be in the form of a plain t-shirt, a jumper, or even a patterned top.

The effect will come out nice and cleanly, giving your clothing a bit of extra depth, while also being incredibly warm.

This is especially cool looking if you wear a necklace. Instead of putting it on the outside of your outfit, if the nets are small enough, wear the necklace underneath. It adds a nice little subtle effect to your outfit, that wouldn’t be the same if you were to wear the necklace on over the top.

Gothic netted tops are also customisable

With a small bit of craft wire, some beads, and some pendants, you are able to completely customise the look of your netted top.

For example, if you have a lot of skull beads, you can use a really thin bit of craft wire and wrap all of these skulls around the different netted holes.

You can also do the same for small pendants. Simply wrap them in a bit of craft wire, and do the same as for the beads.

If you are feeling particularly creative, you can buy some jump rings (typically found in Jewellery stores) and cut up the joins of your top. Then, reattach the net with the rings (you may need a pair of flat ended nose-pliers to carefully pyre apart the jump rings and fit them together again). A straight line down the middle can give an absolutely amazing effect.

(Header Image By Vernon Putman (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr)

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