Combichrist An Introduction: Essential Songs

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Combichrist is probably most people’s first introduction into the glorious world of Aggrotech. Formed in Norway, Combichrist are now based in the Untied Sates, but now tour all over the world.

Formed in 2003, the main (and frankly, unstoppable) force behind Combichrist is Andy LaPlegua. Formally of Icon of Coil, LaPlegua seems to use CombiChrist as an outlet for the more angry thoughts that filter around his brain.

We Love You – Not a great place to start

If you start listening to Combichrist, it is probably a bad idea to start with the latest album “We Love You.” Although it is a great album, it takes an almost more metal approach to the Combichrist sound, and you will not hear many songs from it in general goth clubs. Despite this, the voice sample from the opening track, “We were made to love you”, might just sum up Combichrist’s attitude towards the world perfectly. When reading the below, imagine it being spoken by a robotic, slightly more angry, Bane from The Dark Night Rises.

“We were made to love you. But our only hope to save you, is to terminate you. Humanity is now a threat to itself, and extermination is the only way. We will start the elimination process in ten seconds. Please, don’t forget, we love you. Now die.”

This is also now their typical opener to concerts, with the voice counting down from “in ten seconds” until the band starts the song proper.

Seriously, give the voice a listen to. But stop it before you are assaulted by the thrash metal sounds of the newest Combichrist. To see why Combichrist have become so successful in the scene you instead need to look at the songs below.

Five essential Combichrist songs

WTF Is Wrong With You People?

No one is innocent.

The (almost) self tittle track from “What the F^^K is Wrong With your People”, this track starts with the kind of electro beats that old-school Combichrist are famous for. And then, the lyrics of course, hating everyone, brings across the Combichrist attitude to the world perfectly.

Do not listen to this track before going to work or public transport. That’s because you’ll be constantly singing the chorus and it’s refrain under your breath.

Get Your Body Beat

Can you take the pain at all?

This was the break out single from the “What the F^^K is Wrong With you People” album, and is also probably the most played Combichrist track n clubs.

It’s easy to see why. It has a nice little lead in, quieter, electronic sample at the start of the song before getting into a body moving riff. And then, comes the chorus, where it is impossible not to start getting your own body beat and to start screaming along.


You get what you deserve.

Yeah, don’t play this one around any sensitive people. This song is from their “Making Monsters” album.

The lead in with the higher pitch sounds let’s you know you are in for a treat straight away before the song starts, and the lyrics (guess what they are like from the song title) make the perfect poetry for a fetish club (or even night in.)

Just like “WTF is Wrong with you People” one small problem with this song is how damn catchy it is. Try not to single along to it in public.

Sent to Destroy

Iron boots, we’re walking tall

Firstly, check out the music video for this one. Especially if you love things with vibes of “They Live” or the anti-capitalism message of “Fight Club”.

Really, this is essentially a song to march to war to. When listening to it, you can just imagine an army gathering at the end of a battlefield. The video also really sells Andy LaPlegua angry persona (although on stage, if you ever get a chance to see them, you’ll see that he also has an almost childlike and all-so-endearing grin).

This Shit Will Fuck You Up

How do you want me? From behind, or on my knees?

One of the slower Combichrist songs. But don’t get the wrong impression. This still contains plenty of the harsh lyrics and strong techno beats that have made Combichrist famous. From the “Everybody Hates You” album, this track uses a subdued version of Andy LaPlegua’s vocals, and adds Nina Sinn’s vocals for a female refrain.

A really good track to play during valentines day or on an anniversary, or actually, really, at any single time.

Full Essential Combichrist Playlist

(Header Image By Bill Ebbesen (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons).

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