Happy Goth Bands

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Not all gothic music is gloomy, dark and depressing. There are many bands out there that you can still regard as gothic, but actually have really happy sounding songs, or have lyrics that are full of love, humour, or simply joy.

For a more upbeat version of typical goth music, consider listening to these artists:

Strawberry Switchblade

I like to regard this band as Rainbow goth.

With a styling that is very similar to the cure, if the cure didn’t hide dark topics behind upbeat, almost happy sounding songs.

Their sound also may as well pretty much be the 80’s distilled into it’s purest elements. With bright, happy jingles and a large smoothing of new wave and pop rock.

The aesthetic of this band also recalls an almost westernised version of the Gothic Lolita goth from Japan, with bright colours and Victorian styled flocks.

But literately, this band is all about the music, and it is very much the kind of music you can put on and do a slow dance with your cats to.


Okay, so Ayria still has a couple of sad sounding songs in her back catalogue, but on the whole, Ayria is very much what I like to call “bubble-gum” goth. That is, goth music you can listen to and just imagine waves of pink happiness flying out of your speakers into your face.

Almost all of her songs, which are very much trance and 80’s new wave inspired, have a bouncable beat that make you want to dance in a pit full of multicoloured balloons.

Seriously, go on and put on some of her songs. A simile will break out on your face in no time.

Type O Negative

A goth/doom metal band. Although their albums have such wonderful names as “bloody kisses”, and all of the band members look like they would knock over a bottle in a bar and stab you in the face with it.

However, take a pause at some point and listen to their lyrics. Unless you have stumbled upon one of their few sad songs, you will find lovely little songs saying about how wonderful their girlfriends are. Or poking fun at the whole goth culture in an endearing and charming way.


Articles about happy little goths aren’t complete without including Voltaire.

A force of nature, Voltaire is likely most likely now associated with the Steam Punk movement, but before this he had a very folk like feel towards him.

All of his songs are drenched in humour, a lot of it abut his local goth scene. But, it is never nasty humour, instead it is the kind of humour that comes out from love and from being a member of it himself.

One of his most wonderful songs is “Coin-Operated Goi”, a twisted cover of the Dresden Dolls “Coin Operated boy” which is full of his trademark style of humour.

Welle: Erdball

There is no band that ever looks like they are having as much fun doing what they do as Welle: Erdball.

All of their songs have a very strong DIY aesthetic to them, which extends over to their videos. It is impossible to see Welle: Erdball live and not be filled with a massive smile over what these geeks are doing on stage.

And geeks is very much the right word for them. Not because they do bit-tune style music using a Commodore 64, but because they are so passionate about what they do that it is impossible not to break a smile at the attention and love that they treat it with.

(Header Image By Dennis Skley [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr.)

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