The Guilty Pleasures of Goth Childhood – And how they hold up today

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A common experience is having listened to music in the youth that you would now be ashamed to put onto any playlist. I certainly have had my own particular tracks that when I look back on, how much I used to play them, I start cringing just a little bit.

I do gave the belief, however, that some of these pleasures are actually somewhat universal, and that many goths between the ages of 20-30 would have also had these kinds of songs on their childhood playlists, or the modern day “I want to feel like a teenager playlist.”

So what songs are these? Well, pretty much everything by these artists:


Ah, these guys pretty much exploded onto UK music channels with the song “Bring me to Life.” Introducing the ” Soprano and Gravel” style of vocals to a completely new generation.

I remember thinking that that the male vocalist was part of the Evanescence band, but it’s actually Paul McCoy from the “12 stones” band.

Regardless, although maybe for one or two plays for nostalgia purpose, thse song really doesn’t hold up any more. It’s so oh very simplistic.

In fact, pretty much all of their other songs from the Fallen album are better. I can very much admit that “Hello” still brings out the goosebumps in me.

Linkin Park

Possibly the first foray into something resembling “rock” that I was exposed to. The Linkin Park album was… well, it was some kind of introduction.

Linkin Park is still played at some clubs, as the songs tend to be instant crowd pleaser. No matter what your opinion of the nu-metal phase is, it is hard to deny that the songs do have the power to get most people dancing.

My Chemical Romance

Oh dear, there was a time when I thought that the fashion of My Chemical Romance was the pinnacle of human achievement.

There’s not really a lot of defense for My Chemical Romance, especially everything from the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album, which was my first introduction to them. Then came the “Black Parade” period, complete with those ridiculous suits, that exploded and became seen everywhere.

Cradle of Filth

…I actually still listen to Cradle of Filth.

There’s arguments bout where you put them. Gothic Rock? Black Metal? Extreme Metal? Guitars with screaming for young kids?

Really though, when I think about it, Cradle of Filth was band that really showed me the gothic style of dress. Flicking through the music channel one day and stumbling on “Her Ghost in the Fog” on MTV2.

Unfortunately, I did once see them live at Colchester Arts Centre, and that ruined a little bit of the magic for me. Not a great live show at all.

Papa Roach

“Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort”

Ah, where woud the world be without Papa Roach? Probably with a lot less hoodies existing with a Cockroach on them.

Papa Roach is another band which will still be played in clubs these days, especially normal rock clubs, with Last Resort screaming out into the world and the dance floor becoming a mess of people shoving their hands onto their heart before releasing them high out into the world.


Musically, these guys were never really that great, but it’s all about the videos. They still ooze with style, even today.

But, yeah, they were one of the foot soldiers of the “emo” style of music. The band you knew if you digged just a little bit below the mainstream of My Chemical Romance.

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