Black Full Length Lace Dress

Black Full Length Lace Dress (1)

This long evening gown style black lace Gothic dress is perfect for evenings out, or evenings in with a nice wine and better company.

The floral pattern comes to life both at the top of the chest and the sleeves, with larger thicker neckline helping to give shape. Include the large hemline, and you have an item that is unforgettable.

Product Description:

Nothing says class and elegance like a long laced dress. However, this Gothic dress doesn’t just say it. It screams it.

This is a tight fitting dress, allowing you to show off all of your curves and body features, while still being pretty covered up. The front panel allows you to hint, without being overbearingly out there. All in all, this is a dress you could wear for many reasons and events, not just goth ones.

The lace pattern, inspired by roses, gives this dress a sense of amazing glass. Combine this with the patterned front, and you have a nice classic Gothic dress that makes a powerful statement at every opportunity. With the lace, you are set if you have a pair of particularly high heels, or platform shoes that you can match with this dress. Everyone deserves to have a dress this long and flowy in their lives to dance, play, and delight in.

The design of both the lace and the embellishment on the front is classy without being pretentious. As it is a floral based pattern, this is ideal if you are getting a bit bored of the more in your face Gothic clothing.

There is a lovely little neck hole at the back with a button enclosure, to make getting in and out of this dress as easy as possible. Not that you will ever want to take it off once you have brought it.

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